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Finally, a dairy-free alternative yogurt that is actually an alternative — meaning, it really tastes like creamy good ol’ yogurt!

 Dairy-free products are booming in the market; many people are interested in the health and ethical benefits from ditching animal by-products. Especially if you suffer from digestive problems, it is reported that switching to nut-based milk and yogurts may vastly improve your condition.

The main problem I’ve noticed with many dairy-free products is that they tastedairy-free, meaning you lose what everyone loves about traditional milks and yogurts: the rich flavors and creamy texture. Another problem is some dairy-free yogurts are sugar-based and don’t have any probiotics, a vital ingredient to the mix.

That’s why I love AYO Almond Yogurt. This luscious, probiotic yogurt is made of almonds sourced directly from the creator’s organic family farm in California. It’s 100 percent plant based, gluten-free, non-GMO certified and presented in a recyclable cup. AYO is new to the market, and I seriously recommend getting your hands on it soon.

There are four flavors: blueberry, strawberry, peach and vanilla. My favorite way to enjoy the yogurt is on top of oatmeal or in smoothies for added creaminess. Plus, the company values sustainable practices on their almond orchard; so you can feel good knowing you’re supporting family farmers, animals and your health.

“We aren’t just obsessed with making the best-tasting yogurt,” says company owner and fourth-generation almond farmer, Matt Billings. “We’re committed to crafting a wholly nutritious snack made from the purest ingredients using sustainable practices that nourish this land we’ve called home for more than a century.”


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