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Nothing beats a good sleep, especially when your body really needs the rest. I have been testing a pillow from BEDGEAR and have really noticed the comfort. The pillows are designed to allow air flow and body-temperature regulation throughout the night, resulting in a true rest-and-recovery experience. To pair with a pillow, use the Pillow ID to find what’s best for you.

I’m a pretty champion sleeper, and the BEDGEAR pillow has certainly contributed to great slumbers. To get some more insight on the products during testing, I also interviewed Lorenzo Turicchia, BEDGEAR’s Chief Innovation Officer (and sleep scientist).

“BEDGEAR believes that ‘Sleep Fuels Everything,’” he shares. “The brand has mastered advanced textile fabrication techniques to engineer top-of-the-line sleep essentials that deliver the clean, cool, fresh environment the body needs for temperature regulation.”

No one argues how important sleep is for all aspects of your life, including physical and mental performance. Turicchia says the role of sleep in performance has been studied by researchers with results pointing to declines in split-second decision-making following poor sleep.

“A lack of sleep can lead to fatigue, lower energy levels and a lack of focus,” he explains. “More specifically, an inadequate amount of sleep can result in a decreased glycogen levels and carbohydrates necessary for energy output. There is no magic number for how much sleep you need to see an impact in your performance as it is very personal and varies from person to person. That said, research recommends seven to nine hours of sleep to improve mood, performance and concentration.”

Turicchia says that research conducted at Stanford University shows that when students on the Stanford University men’s varsity basketball team had a minimum goal of 10 hours in bed each night, they got significant improvements in shooting percentage, sprint times and reaction time. In particular, free throw and 3-point field goal percentages both increased by 9 percent. They also decreased their 282-foot sprint time from 16.2 seconds to 15.5 seconds.

“That they managed to achieve these results just by changing their sleeping habits is quite astonishing,” shares Turicchia. “This suggests that sleep may be just as important in training as the practice of physical and mental skills.”

BEDGEAR has a proprietary fitting process to fit you for your mattress and pillow together, and all of the brand’s fabric technologies are designed to enhance air flow. If you have proper support and are not overheating, you are less likely to toss and turn, which allows your body to focus on recovering instead of trying to get comfortable.

“The benefits of great sleep with products like a personalized pillow from BEDGEAR can be seen by athletes of all types and abilities, anyone who leads or aspires to lead a healthy lifestyle and all life-optimizers who value a good night’s sleep,” says Turicchia. “The range is far and wide — athletes, first responders, parents, school teachers, you name it.”

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