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With the restrictions we currently have in place for COVID-19, getting your outdoor exercise during these times can be tough. If you’re close to trails, you can get out for a run even in the snow with the Luna Running Snowshoes from Crescent Moon Snowshoes. This Boulder, Colorado-based company produces lightweight snowshoes for comfort and ease of use. The LUNA Running Snowshoes are one of the company’s Eva Foam Snowshoes.

I was able to test the Luna Running Snowshoes in my last snowshoe race this season up in Beaver Creek. This was a bit of a risk considering I had never run in them and my race placement affected the entire season. That day it was pretty cold and the trails were packed down, and I showed up with just enough time for a 100-yard test before the race — what a great way to truly test the LUNA Running Snowshoes.


From the start the LUNA Running Snowshoes had the ease of use Crescent Moon speaks to in their product descriptions. I was not compromising weight, as they are very similar to my regular, lightweight race snowshoes.

My first few steps felt very different. The rocker design creates a roll with every step, and the normal crunching noise of snowshoes on snow. With very little warm up I came out of the gate at a moderate pace. For the most part, the race was on hard packed trails. That is when I was in love with the LUNA Running Snowshoes. With little restriction I was able to get great leg turnover. It was very much like normal trail running. This was helpful for me to improve my placement in the last half mile of the race.


Different from the LUNA, the cleat on the snowshoes moves, and the frame of the snowshoes stay on the surface to keep you from breaking through the snow. The LUNA Running Snowshoes have a solid foam base, much like a giant boat. When I came off the packed trail to the long singletrack portions of the race, I noticed the difference immediately. The LUNA Running Snowshoes flexed a lot and I was unsteady over the rough terrain. I lost a little time in those sections.

Crescent Moon recommends using them on flat to rolling terrain. To be fair I was running on in mountain race at around 11,000 feet in altitude. Even on these new snowshoes in the last race, I placed high enough to secure a suitable rank for my 2020 winter season.

LUNA Running Snowshoes are priced at $149.

Bobby L’Heureux is the co-owner and Director of Partnerships for CO YOGA + Life™ Magazine. At the heart of his work, Bobby thrives on community and connection. He lives in the Vail Valley where he teaches yoga and runs Big Heart Big Hands, a non-profit that supports mountain safety and awareness. He is an ambassador for Lululemon Athletica Vail, and his yoga classes are always led with a big smile and a relaxed demeanor.

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