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One of my favorite things about crisp mornings in the autumn and winter are hot drinks, tea in particular. Chai tea and matcha lattes are usually my preferred option, but as a busy student with early classes, I sometimes find it difficult to slow down enough to meticulously prepare that perfect morning cup. Enter Vahdam Teas’ Instant-Mix Chai Lattes.

Simply empty the packet into a mug and add hot water, stir and you’re on your way. The three flavors — matcha lemongrass, turmeric ginger and ashwagandha cinnamon — are all rich with natural flavor and enhanced by the addition of coconut milk, which gives them a beautiful creamy finish.

I’ve been pairing tea with my breakfast most mornings for a grounding, but energizing start. The matcha lemongrass is my personal favorite. The bite of the chai is perfectly cut by the smoothness of the matcha and the fresh aroma of the lemongrass.

When brewing your own cup, be sure to thoroughly stir the powder into the hot water, with a whisk instead of just a spoon, to ensure you break up all the clumps of tea that settle on the bottom to further enhance the flavor.

Not only do the teas taste incredible, but you can feel great about purchasing them, as well. The tea is picked, packaged and shipped directly from Vahdam’s farms in India, to ensure you’re receiving the best product possible. Vahdam is certified climate and plastic neutral, meaning they offset their emissions via investments in renewable energy and recover/recycle amounts of plastic equal to those they use in their packaging. Vahdam also donates one percent of their revenue to the education of their farmers’ children — a part of their TEAch Me initiative.

Each box of instant mixes comes with 15 single-serve packets and costs $19.99.

Learn more about Vahdam and their various tea offerings at


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