Turn Over a New Leaf this Fall + Leave Bad Habits Behind | By Kyle Michaud

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This summer, people embraced the new sense of freedom and went wild having fun with friends and family. Now, as fall begins to creep in, it’s imperative to identify the habits that we’re sick and tired of and recognize new ones we want to accept. No more sleeping in until noon or putting your work on the backburner, continuously telling yourself you’ll get it done another time (you never did get to it, did you?). It’s time to welcome new habits and lead a healthier lifestyle that nurtures your body rather than hurts it.

Write Them Down

Allocate yourself some time to brainstorm what has been holding you back from achieving the things you want. Take out a journal, notepad or even just the crumpled piece of paper on the side of your bed (maybe that should go on the list as well), and write down action items that correlate with a bad habit of yours. This could range from “stop allowing myself to collect dishes in the sink” to “don’t sleep through your entire shift at work.” There is no maximum number of items to jot down, and there is no judgment because it’s made for your eyes and your eyes only. Be truthful with yourself because it isn’t going to help to lie to yourself, plus no one will ever know!

Set Small Goals Up

Take it one task at a time, no need to tackle the entire list in the span of 24 hours. Even if you are mindful of one bad habit you want to break out of, it’s a step in the right direction.

Let’s say the first item on your list is “drink less coffee.” Maybe have one coffee in the morning to start your day, and then try switching over to electrolyte water or tea. Switching out healthy alternatives can lead to embracing new habits. I used to be a coffee fiend, but now after discovering the power of electrolytes, I’m hydrated, energized and don’t feel the 3 p.m. slump that comes with an excess amount of caffeine.

Bad habits are difficult to break. These things take time and effort, but if you’re willing to make a conscious effort every day to improve, you will reap the benefits.

Don’t Fall Victim to Your Own Mind

It’s hard to work towards a goal by yourself. More often than not, overcoming bad habits tends to be a solo challenge. Don’t let your head tell you what you can or cannot achieve. During summer, going to the beach with my friends and dismissing all responsibilities is my pastime. Now, as fall begins, it’s time to redirect my attention back towards my responsibilities and align my priorities.

As we all prepare for fall and move into 2022, it’s time to kick the bad habits to the curb and welcome positive and meaningful change. We have gone through too much to allow ourselves to let small things inhibit us from reaching our full potential. Focusing on yourself and addressing what’s holding you back allows you to open yourself to endless new opportunities. Your future self will thank you.

Photo by Tamarcus Brown.

Kyle Michaud, founder and creator of the world’s largest plant-based consumer festival company, Experience Expositions, uses events like the Yoga Expo to spread awareness about sustainability and healthy lifestyles across North America. Kyle recently authored The Optimal Human, which presents an interesting narrative of cultures and civilizations around the world. The book offers an eye-opening insight into various cultures, traditions and societies, both from contemporary and ancient times. Kyle has dedicated his life to promoting his vision of making positive, healthy and sustainable lifestyles achievable for everyone.

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