Veggie Reuben Sandwich Recipe | By Organic Sandwich Company

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Makes one sandwich


2 slices French Country bread

1-2 oz. sliced aged white cheddar

3 oz. ginger turmeric sauerkraut from Boulder’s These Things Take Time

½ – 1 oz sriracha aioli (see recipe)

Sliced tomato

Butter for grilling


  1. Add sliced cheddar to bottom piece of bread
  2. Load up sauerkraut
  3. Layer tomato
  4. Spread sriracha aioli on the top piece of bread and add to sandwich
  5. Spread butter on both sides of the bread
  6. Grill to perfection
  7. Enjoy!


INGREDIENTS (this will give you extra aioli): 

½ cup of your favorite mayo

1 Tbsp favorite sriracha sauce (more if you prefer it spicy!)


  1. Add mayo to a bowl
  2. Add sriracha
  3. Mix well!


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