What’s Fertility Got To Do With It? | By Cara Jaffee

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Start with these four concepts to improve fertility naturally.

1. Improve food quality and nutrient intake

The food you eat has a direct connection on the way your genes are expressed, a large determining factor of your health. For instance, broccoli and Oreos are both carbohydrates, but the way the body will use the information supplied from these foods will be expressed completely differently.

The lifestyles we inherit must be looked at too, like food habits, food patterns, movement (or lack thereof) and thought patterns.

2. What’s in your prenatal supplements?

Many off the shelf supplements contain folic acid (synthetic version of folate) instead of folate (the whole form of this nutrient). Folate is required for healthy spinal cord development in fetal development.

3. Examine digestion

Digestion is the foundation or root of our health. By improving gut health, we influence how the rest of the body operates including sex drive and hormone function.

4. Reduce toxins and inflammation

In my last article, we also examined that just by removing toxins from inorganic foods, inorganic beauty and chemical laced cleaning products, inflammation in the body is decreased making the whole body run more efficiently.

Lisa Vlamis, of the Chicago area, noted this after starting the Down to Earth protocol, “I started this program in February 2017, and have still been feeling great since. We had been trying to have a second baby since June 2016. In May 2017, my doctor ran some blood tests and basically said I was pre-menopausal and would need to look into IVF (I had premature ovarian failure – I was about to turn 40). The next month, I got pregnant naturally!!! I truly believe that the change in diet inspired by this book, in addition to changing my prenatal vitamin to one with folate rather than folic acid (Cara’s recommendation) helped this happen. Thank you, Cara! I hope this can help someone else like me.”

Photo by Vitor Pinto.

Cara Jaffee, CNTP is a functional or holistic nutritionist based in Denver, Colorado. You can learn more about Premier Nutrition Therapy at www.premierNT.com

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