Disconnect to Reconnect | #30daysNOFacebook Challenge

WHAT DO YOU MEAN UNPLUG? I know what you are thinking. You may be thinking there is no way to unplug and still get it all done. Your work, your social life, keeping up with friends, pure entertainment factor… how can disconnecting keep you connected?

The answer is simple. What did you do before Facebook and social media? Did you pick up the phone and call someone when you wanted to chat? Did you make an appointment with a potential client and meet them face-to-face? Did you read the newspaper to get your current affairs?

How about this! What if you decide to have coffee with one of your friends instead of IM(ing) them on Facebook or read what they are up to before you fall off to sleep. Guess what. Liking someone’s post isn’t the same as an actual sit-down conversation.


I’m not trying to do away with social media, it certainly has its place. Who can argue with the 250 million users on Facebook, especially for your business. Plus, there are many people I have reconnected with that I can thank Facebook for as normal time and space apart may not have otherwise allowed us to in this lifetime.

BUT…what about the 1500 extra “friends” you are catering to? Could you… possibly…. shut it down for a little bit and no one would really even notice? AND the only people who WILL NOTICE are the people with whom you should get together with next chance you can.

Our networks are really quite small when it comes to who you really are.

Show these few gratitude for the impact they have on you being you. Spend extra time with family, read a few more books. Plan an impromptu dinner and send real paper invitations in the …wait for it… MAIL! I promise, the act will be genuine and people will respond to it with the same.

So… watch my video, comment below, and SHARE IF YOU CARE!

I’m doing it.

No Facebook for 30 ENTIRE DAYS!

Are you in or what?