Do Business & Yoga Mix?

Do Business & Yoga Mix? For me it’s the perfect combination of everything I have ever known in business.

After a few years of figuring out how to launch the multi-regional yoga + wellness + lifestyle publications, I am so proud to announce the first of our regional magazines is finally out on the stands! YOGA + Life™ Magazines! You may be asking… why did I want to do it so badly? IT wasn’t and isn’t because I want to use up more paper, in fact, we are only printing exactly the number we need and our online viewership will easily quadruple our print readership. So with that said… there is a little more, let’s see if I can make this quick.

I have watched the transformation of this industry since teaching my first class in 1993 where there was no Yoga Alliance or governing certification company on through to the evolution of the #YOGALEBRITY and more yogis made famous through social media. It has been interesting to say the least. Some of it I truly LOVE – like the real change this practice can create for real people to the root of their very being and the number of people LIVING YOGA NOW compared to 1993 – and some of it I (yes strong word) HATE – like the competitive nature the industry upholds amongst studios, teachers and those who are trying to “make it” and who are losing themselves along the way.

Now some of you may or may not be affected (yet) by all of this, but trust me, you will have to face the music as to what kind of teacher you are, who you want to teach and what you want your yoga to bring to your life. I have never stopped teaching – I don’t subscribe to any ONE type of yoga and yet my yoga has evolved into who I am as a person, not what name I want to be known for or the pose that I can do that no one else can do. The real desire for the “yogalebrity” status has truly sucked the very meaning out of yoga, which is “UNION” or to “yoke”.

I also have the background in publishing as well as interviewing these people who have stories and I can feel for them what it can do for a person when they are able to tell and share their story with their peers and even to complete strangers. There are a ton of people out there doing really AMAZING things beyond just the yoga studio and I am prepared to give them their voice because LOCAL IS WHERE IT’S AT PEOPLE. Feel the connectedness, the community, the reason, the hope, the love, the life – breathe it – I mean really breathe it in. It’s there, it’s there to share and….. I digress….

So…. these magazines about the REAL PEOPLE out there working with other REAL PEOPLE making change on a daily basis for others at the root of their own existence. These magazines are to tell the stories about these people, for these people and show that living a healthy lifestyle, eating well, practicing yoga, sharing and caring for your families and living and working with the people you love can create a more meaningful and full life.

I would like to walk out my door right now and run up the mountain in my back yard and scream it!

Along the way I am mentoring amazing people into their new career paths in working with my company. This is my gift to give and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work in this industry and use my talents to help other people shine! That is where my YOGA has taken me. Where is it taking you?