No Time Like The Present AND Tips For A Minimalist’s Wardrobe

ClothespileRecently I was inspired by a woman who attended one of my retreats. She was working towards adopting a minimalist’s wardrobe. I have been thinking about practicing this myself for months now and on the eve of a move out of the home I have lived in for almost 9 years, there seems to be no time like the present to go for it! More details about how you can do this below, it is a super empowering practice.

“No time like the present” can be a tough one. We spend so much time planning and scheduling and brainstorming that sometimes we miss the real moment of opportunity in our lives. Below are a few steps you can take to learn to weed out the limiting forces and factors in your life, just like you need to throw out those jeans from 1992 – guess what – they will never be back in style and if they are, your daughter should wear them. 😉

1. You don’t have to take your past into your present or future. New jobs, new ideas, new chances come with just that. A NEW CHANCE to do something different, so don’t let your baggage way you down. Forgettaboutit!

2. Take yourself somewhere new. The same actions today as yesterday will not likely elicit anything new unless we are open to it. We are such creatures of habit and sometimes we start to miss the opportunities because of the “same ol’- same ol'” perspective. Change where you eat lunch, drive to a new store, go to a new coffee shop and then be open to the coincidence that someone else is doing the exact same thing and the two of you were meant to meet. This could be your new business partner (that seriously happened to me), friend or inspiration.

3. Seize the day. Do something for yourself first. Workout, pack a healthier lunch, attack your closet with a vengeance – if you put yourself first you create the motivation to be better today than you were yesterday and this will trickle over to other acts of empowerment for others. You may find yourself more patient with you kids, a better listener to your spouse or friends.

Now back to that closet thing!

The key to weeding everything out is to keep enough so that you don’t have to alter your lifestyle. For us outdoorsy folks, keep the essentials (you know what those are) but 10 pairs of ski pants are NOT essential.

The second piece to this is updating. Just because you are downsizing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever go shopping again. The white shirt should get replaced when it isn’t white anymore, jeans wear out, jammies get holes in them. Update as needed but GET RID OF THE OLD STUFF.

Here is the list I am trying to get down to (again active outerwear not included). My closet doesn’t look quite this good.. well at least not yet!closet

  1. Two or three pairs of jeans. Only keep the ones that make you look and feel good.
  2. Three or four tank tops. For layering, and when the weather gets nicer, for wearing alone.
  3. Short-sleeved shirts. Start with five, then work your way down from there.
  4. Long-sleeved shirts. Three or four.
  5. Sweaters. Keep the sweaters you can wear with tank tops. Don’t have more than four sweaters.
  6. Two or three casual dresses. This is for women, and the dude on my street who wears a kilt and rides a unicycle.
  7. Four – Five pairs of shorts, skorts, or skirts (combined).
  8. One business appropriate outfit. Maybe two. Use blazers as jackets to dress up a casual outfit.
  9. A little black dress.
  10. Two – three pairs of exercise capris.
  11. Three exercise tops.
  12. Two pairs of running shorts.
  13. One pair of running shoes.
  14. One pair of heels you can walk in them.
  15. Two pairs of flats.
  16. Two pairs of sandals AND boots for you mountain folk.
  17. Three or four scarves of varying weights.
  18. Three good bras (oh, lordy, I wrote bra on my website).
  19. One set of loungy clothes/pajamas.
  20. Two swimsuits. Because nobody should have to ever put on a wet swimsuit.
  21. A week’s worth of other unmentionables. (this is not a hall pass to keep everything)

What am I missing? Could you pare your closet down this much?