Work SMARTER, Not Harder!

Today’s business tip comes from the simple reminder that if we all just work smarter, we won’t necessarily have to work harder. But this is easier said than done. So how does one go about working smarter when they are constantly caught up in the day-to-day minutia of their business? Well, when I ask any of my clients the following questions, it usually helps set their mindset in the right direction. So read the following tips to help determine if you can work a little smarter too.

1. Hire experienced help. – You get what you pay for. Be willing to pay for good help and in return you can rest assure they are doing a better job than you would if you were doing it yourself. Which leads us to number 2.

2. Don’t do it all yourself. – You are an expert at your business, but that doesn’t mean you are good at every aspect of owning your business (not busyness). If social media isn’t your thing… don’t do it. Employ or empower one of your team members to go hog wild. Of course, supervise the content, but don’t beat yourself up if you just don’t like to get on Facebook. Realize it is necessary, but not necessarily for you.

3. Leave once in awhile. – Can your business run without you? If not, assess what you have done to create this co-dependency and begin to take strides in freeing yourself on a (can be small) regular basis.

4. Who is your IDEAL client? – Can you answer this? Or do you just take any warm-blooded person who calls or walks through the door. Could you specify who it is you work best with and target that particular audience?

5. Charge what you are worth. – People like to pay good money for good service and products. Focus on your delivery, being more personal, followup and then… charge more.

If you are interested in help with any of the above items or assessing how you can work smarter, click here for more business advise.