[Letter From The Editor]

photo by Kim Fuller

Dear Readers,

It’s interesting to me that print magazines are so often used to make vision boards. It’s not the scissors slicing in to our print pages that tilts my head (you are more than welcome to enjoy and be inspired by this publication in whatever ways you like), but how taking pieces of great journalism, striking visuals and engaging information can be pulled together in so much harmony, then removed and reimagined for a fresh medium. CO YOGA+Life® is a mosaic crafted from timely storytelling, art and insight within Colorado communities and beyond. It’s no surprise why this magazine is often used for vision boards. In creating what we do, we hope to offer invitations for others to create as well. Harmony happens when an arrangement of parts come together in a pleasing way. Sometimes harmony means being in balance, but sometimes it’s asymmetrical. Harmony reflects intentional interaction, not perfection. So, what is your vision? Perhaps you want to carve out more time to move in nature, travel to new places, start something new or create more space in your life. Maybe it’s time to show up for yourself and your community in a more authentic way. As always, thanks for reading. With every page, look a little more closely and feel a little more deeply. Harmony is here.

In Gratitude,

Kim Fuller, Owner + Editor-In-Chief
YOGA + Life® Magazines

In Gratitude,
Kim Fuller, Owner + Editor-In-Chief

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