[Letter From The Editor]

Kim Fuller


The time for change is now. Yesterday, yes, that would have been better, but tomorrow will not be soon enough. So today, every day, we take action.

YOGA + Life® has always had a mission to inform + inspire. This year, however, has shown us how much we always can learn, adapt and continue to evolve. When our country was hit with the global pandemic this past spring, we met challenge with resilience. You’re holding this magazine because we committed to printing it, even amidst losing big advertising dollars and distribution support. We delayed the issue a bit, just to give everyone more time, and then the world was slashed again to reveal another gaping wound. As deep tensions of racial injustice bubbled to the surface in May and June, we knew we could do more. We can change. And we did … Just as we declared our admiration and respect to the earth in winter + spring with the “Love Your Planet” issue, we are declaring our love of humanity here and the desire to amplify the voices who haven’t been heard and the struggles that have not been acknowledged. See Tyrone Beverly on the cover and read his words on pages 8-9, and more on page 82. Tyrone has always been a voice for underprivileged Americans. Please take the time to truly hear and feel everything he has to share.

We know we have blind spots. While it is our privilege to bring you a dynamic spread of rich and relevant content in this publication, it’s always humbling to know there is more to see. But we can change. And we will … “The great ones adjust,” a good friend and mentor once shared with me. And to that I’ll add: “The great ones take action.” So let’s do this. Let’s be better. Let’s be great.

In Gratitude,
Kim Fuller, Owner + Editor-In-Chief

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