[Letter From The Editor]

Kim Fuller


You could say the themes of our magazines most often emerge organically, in deep connection with what is currently relevant and energized in our state and beyond. Like seasons, inspiration and ideas come and go, and it seems important to capture them when they are at a peak of expression.

This issue certainly was cultivated in this way, as the call to share more messages of sustainability with CO YOGA + Life® readers continues to grow. Is it not becoming increasingly apparent that we all need to participate in the well being of our planet? There is perhaps no better time to reach your hands into the soil beneath you and get dirt under your fingernails, giving up fear of tarnishing your personal comfort or experience. Easier said than done, but I think what we can each do is commit to simple and small practices that support the earth. Reading this issue is a great start, noting that our soy ink and reforested paper are chosen in the spirit of sustainability. You’ll read that Gregory Alan Isakov, the well-established singer-songwriter on our cover, also dedicates his resources and energy to a farm in Boulder County. We share how SCP Hotel Colorado Springs is setting the bar for sustainable hotel renovation and hospitality management, Emma Athena writes on shrinking glaciers in Colorado, while Selena Rodriguez explains how to embrace a low waste lifestyle.

Page by page, story by story, our love of Mother Earth is ever-apparent in this publication. Not only are we happy you’re taking a moment to digest what we’ve offered you here, we’re relieved that you probably care too; that you love your planet the way she deserves and holds hope that we can all provide for her the way she does for all of us.

As always, thank you for reading. And thank you for doing your part, too.

In Gratitude,
Kim Fuller, Owner + Editor-In-Chief

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