Manage your Online Ads and acquire unique statistics by using our Y+L online ad platform. Simply choose which ad type (location/size), upload your ad per the specifications given, choose if you want PPC-pay per click or CPD-cost per day, connect via PayPal, and watch the traffic start to generate to your site, event or FB post.


Highlight your business, event or promotion to readers through the YOGA + Life® website! 

The site receives an average of 14,000 unique visitors per month and growing every day. 

Banner Ads  7 Days  30 Days  60 Days
Home Page Leader Board (exclusive) $75 $290 $545
Home Page Banner (rotating w/ 3 max) $50 $190 $364
Home Page Side Bar (rotating w/ 9 max) $40 $154 $291
7 Days  30 Days  60 Days
Regional Leader Board (exclusive) $50 $180 $305
Regional Banner (rotating w/ 3 max) $35 $135 $255
Regional Side Bar (rotating w/ 9 max) $20 $77 $145
7 Days  30 Days  60 Days
Specific Page Leader Board (exclusive) $ Determined Upon Customization
Specific Page Banner (rotating w/ 3 max) $ Determined Upon Customization
Specific Page Side Bar (rotating w/ 9 max) $ Determined Upon Customization

Promote Your Offering! 

Online Sponsored Content Per Listing 
Spotlight Article (business, product, event, training, retreat, etc.) $500
Retreat, Training, Online Offering Listing $250

Social Media

Boosted Social Media Posts  Per 7 days  
Boost Your Spotlight or Event $100



Location: At the top of content of designated page
Size: 728w x 90h
Exclusive on page/post selected

Sidebar Large
Location: Sidebar of all posts/pages of designated page
300w x 250h


Let’s get CREATIVE! We also have many customizable options not included on this order form (page peel, floating ads, delayed ads, pop-ups, wallpaper ads), so feel free to reach out and we can walk you through what is best for you and your messaging and geo-tagged audience. Contact us today to inquire.




Online Ad Upload and Sign Up Coming Soon!

Please Note: Cost Per Day has priority placement over Pay Per Click.