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The time spent in a yoga teacher training is not only crucial to a future yoga leader’s craft, but also the culture of the ancient practice. So, if you or someone you know is even considering facilitating a yoga teacher training, Rachel Scott offers ideal support. She helps certified instructors of all levels refine their teaching skills, creating space for them to step into their most authentic leadership.

Rachel is a catalyst for educational excellence, igniting innovation in teachers and yoga studios worldwide. She has been a teacher trainer since 2008 and is a professional instructional designer, holding a Master of Science in instructional systems and learning technologies. Rachel brings her skills, education and experience on and off the mat to help others create exceptional programs that support their mission and business.

Rachel’s work seamlessly blends her academic expertise and mentorship with a deep passion for the yoga tradition. As a proud learning and teaching junkie, Rachel also continues to mentor and train students through her own 200 and 300-hour and continuing education programs. Furthermore, her wisdom graces the pages of five published books and in her work as a contributor for distinguished platforms such as Huffington Post, Yoga International and YogaUOnline.

Rachel is undoubtedly approachable, trustworthy, supportive and positive. She never fails to support others’ needs to bridge the gap between their training dreams and reality.


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Rachel works worldwide and is based in Colorado.




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