Please download and review the requirements for submitting articles for both print and digital with YOGA + Life™. Please also include required forms at time of submission. To submit your articles, please email the  appropriate editor you have been working with. See contact info here.

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WE PREFER UNPUBLISHED ORIGINAL or REWORKED CONTENT. Should you choose to re-post on your own website AFTER it is published, you may do so with reference to our blog and a link back.

1. Submit all Blog submissions in the body of an email. (no word docs, please)

2. Include all embedded links in the email where you wish them to be. (please test them)

3. Include the TITLE of the post in the subject.

4. Include your Author bio (limit to 2-3 sentences) and web/Social direct links at the bottom of the article.

5. Attach a low resolution head shot (for web) to the email.

6. Include any imagery also as attachments to the email. Assign any photo credit and reference the image by the image’s name. (best to rename images so they sync with the article) (submit photo and copy releases – see above).

7. You will be notified of the date of your post being published so you can climb the nearest mountain and shout it out from the top of the world. OR social media is really appreciated as well.

8. Once you are published, visit the page often and interact with the comments! This is how you create a following.

IMPORTANT NOTE! I am not going to tell you what to write about. You should know already what you want to write about. If not, keep in mind the following.

1. Blog readers have a short attention span. “Best of… Top 5… 3 Reasons Why…” are all really great titles for posts.

2. Have your post be relevant to the global environment. What holiday is it, who is celebrating what?

3. Self-Promotion Blog posts will not be allowed. You can plug what you do in your bio.

4. Engaging, Relevant and Informative posts will get published.

Thanks so much for being a part of our new online community! We hope you value this opportunity to get published on a bigger stage. Let me know if you have any other questions, and I will do my best to steer you towards success! Be sure to follow YOGA + LIFE on Facebook and Instagram and we will do our best to stay connected with you as well!


Juli Rathke, Publisher