This Swiss Hotel Brings Yoga Outside in an Elevated Way | By Molly O’Brien

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Grand Hotel Kronenhof Pontresina in Switzerland is offering a beautiful opportunity for yogis and meditators to connect with nature in the most immersive way: spacious outdoor wooden platforms which overlook the mountain scenery amidst the clean air of the authentic Engadin village of Pontresina. Guests can practice within the beauty of the outdoors surrounded by the pristine alpine setting of Kronenhof’s idyllic location.

These four wooden platforms have been assembled on slightly different levels on the slope that lead from the Grand Hotel Kronenhof gardens down to the Flaz river, and add a special level of seclusion for yogis to take advantage of the calm-instilling Engadine Valley views. From the glistening Val Roseg glacier clearly visible to the south, to the beautiful Staz forest directly in front there’s no shortage of natural tranquility to soak in while practicing in this peaceful location.

Guests will experience outdoor wellness classes and individual meditation and exercise sessions as they’re accompanied by the gentle rumblings of the water below and the fragrance of the native wildflowers. It feels like a utopian environment for experiencing a restorative and introspective experience.

If a hotel guest would like to use a platform and it’s not already in use for a private or group lesson, they are welcome to use them at no charge, with no reservation necessary. The platforms can accommodate up to eight people with enough space to safely practice.

“At Grand Hotel Kronenhof, it is important to us to be in harmony with nature so that our guests can experience the unique Engadine landscape in all its facets,” says Marc Eichenberger, general manager of Grand Hotel Kronenhof. ”We consider the view from our park down into the valley and the sound of the river Flaz to be a wonderful, soothing and inspiring scenery for energy-producing yoga. The goal is that guests take something home from the holidays — a feeling that they can personally and effectively use at home through visualization.”

Eichenberger emphasizes that it was extremely important to the property that they only use all-natural materials for the creation of these platforms and work exclusively with local artisans in their construction.

Grand Hotel Kronenhof offers regular complementary group sessions on the yoga platforms daily as part of the hotel’s regular weekly wellness program. Instructed yoga styles include vinyasa flow, yin yoga and hatha yoga. Of course, there’s also the option to book private one-on-one yoga lessons for a more intimate experience.


“In the early morning classes, nature lies fresh and untouched in front of the yogis creating a special energy and mood within the class and providing strength for the day ahead,” says Eichenberger. “In addition, we offer classes at 6 p.m., when the sun slowly starts to set and creates a special light, with the colors of the sky changing and some of the clouds appearing a pretty shade of pink.” He describes a local phenomenon that the platforms offer a front row seat to view.

“When practicing evening yoga, guests are likely to witness a local phenomenon called the ‘Maloja snake,’ a stream of evening clouds that float through the valley. The yoga platforms are one of the very best spots to witness this phenomenon, which creates a very special mood during yoga or meditation,” he adds.

This unique, local phenomenon, the ‘Maloja snake,’ is a dense, white, snake-like cloud formation that slowly winds its way through the jagged points of these majestic mountains in the mornings and evenings. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime sight that’s not to be missed for its tranquil beauty.

“We are really excited to see that the yoga platforms have been so well received by our guests since the season started,” he shares. “It is always interesting to see how guests use them individually, to experience the beautiful nature and landscape for themselves. It truly is a wonderful feeling to just be on the platforms, enjoying the spectacular views while ‘floating’ over the valley.”

Photos courtesy of Grand Hotel Kronenhof.

Molly O’Brien is a freelance writer and storyteller with a professional background working in fitness, travel, and hospitality media relations. Currently based in Los Angeles, Molly has avidly been practicing yoga since college in studios from Barcelona to Boston and most enjoys the unique community each individual studio brings together at any location. When Molly isn’t writing about fitness or travel, she’s most likely out appreciating the California sunshine, searching for a new cozy coffee shop, or enjoying a drink somewhere with a view. Email Molly at or follow her at @metropolitanmolly.



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