Try It On : Chill Angel Genie Jogger + RnR Long Sleeved Crew | By Kim Fuller

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Now, more than ever, its time to chill. Working from home, taking some time off and general relaxing is made easier with the right lounging apparel. Ive tested this set from Chill Angel for several months now, from a winter trip to Paris to more recent at-home wear, and I can confirm that these pieces have become top-drawer essentials.  

The Chill Angel Genie Jogger Merino Pant is super soft, made from 100-percent ultra-fine Merino wool. I slide into them as soon as Im home from the office, and because this wool has great temperature regulation, I can leave them on in bed if I want to feel extra cozy.   

The RnR Merino Long Sleeved Crew is equally soft and temperature balancing, and this piece can be worn for chilling, sleeping and even as an extra layer for travel and during or after exercise.  

My husband and I visited Paris this past December, and the only lounge/sleepwear I brought was this Chill Angel set. It was a chilly time in the city, and the flat we stayed in had minimal heat. Its not an exaggeration to share that I lived in my Chill Angel joggers and long-sleeve when we were enjoying coffee in the morning and when we got back from exploring the city in the evening. As we ventured toward central and southern France, I was continually grateful to have such reliable garments that proved to be highly breathable while still eliminating chill. 

Now, back in the Colorado mountains and during this time of COVID-19 quarantine, the spring thaw is upon and Im still reaching for my Chill Angel every evening.   

Wishing you quality chill time and wellness!   


Genie Jogger Merino Pant $99 

RnR Merino Long Sleeved Crew $99


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