Try It On: SKINNERS | By Bobby L’Heureux  

At first glance SKINNERS look like a pair of athletic socks. But get a little closer and you will realize there is something unique about these socks. SKINNERS are designed to be multi-use footwear for sports and travel — and they are!  

With my busy schedule it took me sometime to test the ultraportable “sockshoes.” When I first pulled them from their box, I had some ideas on how to test them. I started a deep fall house cleaning that involved going in and out of the house and running bags and recycling up a steep hill to their appropriate receptacles. It is about a 20-yard incline and you gain almost 50 vertical feet.

The fit was perfect with enough compression to handle the hill. I was surprised the sock shoe did not slip at all on the loose terrain. I was even more surprised on the feel when pressure was applied to the bottom of my foot. No side to side or front to back movement. SKINNERS hugged my foot allowing me to cruise uphill. I even stepped on a few rocks and returned to the house on the pavement. The anti-abrasive Swedish polymer handle the rough surface just like my minimalist shoes I use for lightweight travel.

Yes, I said Swedish polymer. I assumed SKINNERS were made in a sweatshop style factory like majority of my outdoor apparel. They are not. SKINNERS are completely handmade at a family manufacturer in Europe. They follow the legislation of the European Union and they don’t use any toxic plasticizer. Their compounds are completely phthalates-free, and their production waste is below 1 percent

The main use in my life for SKINNERS is backpacking trips and long thru-hikes. Now I can carry this minimalist sockshoe in my pack and after a day of hiking, I take of my boots off and allow the SKINNERS to offer some space and relief to my feet and ankles.

For me the polymer sole and thick antibacterial knit made my feet perspire a little. If there is a way to make them more breathable, I would take them on more adventures to save room and weight when loading the bags.



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