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I’m based in the mountains of Colorado, and sometimes fueling correctly for activity and adventure is as much of a challenge as some of the efforts we endure. HOLOS Organic Overnight Muesli is a game changer as a healthy and convenient breakfast option that complements an active lifestyle.

With the more recent launch of this product in the U.S., HOLOS is bringing our communities a tasty and filling superfood meal that combines whole grains, plant proteins, seeds, probiotics and dried fruit.

Holos in a jar with 4 flavors placed around it.

HOLOS muesli comes in six different flavors, all of which are certified organic and free from gluten, sugar and animal products. Each serving provides an impressive 20 grams of plant protein. Additionally, the muesli is filling and hearty yet easy on the gut.

Preparing HOLOS muesli is a breeze. Simply pour your preferred milk into a jar, shake the jar or stir in the muesli, soak it all overnight in the fridge and your HOLOS meal is ready to enjoy. The meal can be easily customized with toppings, making it an exciting breakfast option that can be personalized according to your taste.

Holos being made in the dark.What sets this organic overnight muesli apart from other packaged meals and snacks is that it offers a real-food option that is better for the body and the planet. HOLOS is made using only organic and minimally processed ingredients, making it a perfect choice for a fast yet very healthy breakfast option.


HOLOS starts at $4.42 per meal. To order, you can build your own box with the flavors you choose at


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