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Consider that moment in a yoga class where the teacher gives the most precise alignment cue that literally transforms the way you experience the pose — a pose you have visited time and time again, yet this time it’s different because the alignment has shifted. You will never experience this pose the same way again.

On the mat, we crave alignment because once properly aligned for our unique bodies, the pose feels so much more efficient and effective. We’re able to explore deeper and learn further than we ever had before. The pose hasn’t changed, but the way we experience it has completely transformed. Same goes for when we tune into and align with the energetics of the moon.

We are going to feel the push and pull of the moon whether we want to or not. The full moon is extroverted with amplified energy, while the new moon is introverted, dark and quiet. If we can learn to work with these two phases alone, we will experience so much more alignment in our lives. Similar to an aligned yoga pose — same life, we’re just more efficient and aware.

The full moon is extroverted with amplified energy, while the new moon is introverted, dark and quiet. If we can learn to work with these two phases alone, we will experience so much more alignment in our lives.

On the full moon, our emotions are heightened. This can feel overwhelming because the moon likes to highlight the areas in our lives that we need to release in order to bloom into our fullest potential. Every two and a half days, the moon dances through a different zodiac sign. So when she is full, she is literally illuminating the shadows of whatever sign she is traveling through in order to show us exactly where we need to release.

For example, if the full moon is in the sign of Aries, we look to the shadow aspects of that sign to understand the areas in which we must let go. Aries is a bold and brave sign that symbolizes birth and independence, but the shadows of Aries are selfishness, control and anger. Under the light of the full moon in Aries, we must ask ourselves, where/how are we being selfish, what are we trying to control and what are we angry about? We use the practice to work through this energy by focusing on releasing, detox and letting go.

Full Moon Practice: twists for detoxification, deep hip openers to unblock the emotional center of the body, and a more energetic practice because you’ll typically have more energy on a full moon anyway, so if we can learn to channel and focus it instead of letting it run wild, we will experience deeper alignment.

There are eight phases of the moon, each holding different energy; but the most powerful phases are full and new. When the new moon comes around we typically feel more introverted because it is a moment of renewal and birth. This is a time to plant the seeds you wish to see manifest in your life. We use this time to journey inward in order to get honest with ourselves about what we truly value. The sky is dark, the energy is introverted and so, it would be a terrible time to be extremely social, but rather to get quiet so we can listen to our inner voice.

New Moon Practice: yin and restorative yoga are great ways to align in order to journey into your depths and listen within. Incorporate forward bends because they require us to bow down and retreat inward.

It can certainly be overwhelming to take in all of the lunar magic in one sitting, so begin by aligning with the full and new moon in your own practice, working with the energy instead of forcing yourself against it.

Alee Link (500hrRYT) is a mother of two, wife, and business owner who has taken the personal vow to never neglect the magic of the moon. She has been teaching yoga for over a decade and now leads trainings in order to help guide teachers and practitioners into a deeper understanding of the energetics of the natural world. She believes we can either work WITH the energy or force ourselves against it. She carries this into her studio, River Flow Yoga, the Moonlit app, and the inner workings of her family in order to constantly honor our deep desire and need for higher understanding and connectivity. For more info: @aleemorrisonlink @moonlittribe @riverflowyoga

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