CBD Q&A with Eric Smart, CEO of Myaderm

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CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the hemp plant. As explained by Eric Smart, CEO of Myaderm, Section 12619 of the Farm Bill, which was signed into law in 2018, removes hemp-derived products from Schedule I status under the Controlled Substances Act.   

“This created a legal landscape for CBD products to become available throughout the United States,” Smart shares. “Given this new framework, a number of CBD products have been commercially introduced across the country promising any number of positive health effects for users. There is strong evidence around the benefits of CBD as an anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety.”  

Heres some more from Smart on CBD and why its trending right now:  

What are some of the main health/wellness benefits of  CBD?  

Eric Smart: There is strong evidence around the benefits of CBD with regard to anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety applications. This bodes well for the use of CBD as a recovery and relaxation product for active individuals.   

What are some things a consumer should look for to ensure he or she is purchasing high-quality  CBD?  

ES: To answer your question, we need to look deeper than simply looking at ingredients. Does the product use isolate or oil as a source of CBD? Isolate is pure CBD, whereas oil is CBD contaminated with multiple other cannabinoids that may or may not have biological activity. The other cannabinoids are not usually quantified nor are they standardized. 

If using pure CBD powder (isolate) you want to see testing for residual solvents and cannabinoid contamination (THC presence is contamination). Then you want to look at where the other ingredients are sourced and examine their pedigree. Are they produced in an FDA registered facility to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards? 

Then you want to look at the facility producing the finished product. Is it FDA registered for the type of product it s making? Is it practicing GMP? Is it certified SQF? Or ISO? Then you want to look to see if the company has test results for each and every batch. Some companies post a test result every four or five months. Its not easy to determine product quality and consumers can take a little initiative, but in the end, they have to rely on the trust and reputation of the company standing behind its product. 

What  CBD  products does Myaderm create and why would you say they stand out from the rest in the industry?   

ES: Myaderm produces transdermal CBD creams that are applied directly to the skin, delivering the benefits of CBD through the skin to where you need it, whether thats a tight lower back, strained muscle or sore hands and feet. Myaderm isformulated by a licensed pharmacist and utilizes transdermal pharmaceutical technology delivering CBD through the skin, rather than topical creams, which deposit CBD only onto the surface of the skin and not to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia where the pain and inflammation actually occur.  

The transdermal delivery mechanism is far superior to oils and powders. Oils and powders are ingested and broken down as they move through the digestive tract. As those oils and powders make that journey, the majority of the CBD is removed by the body and discarded, rather than making its way to the areas where you are experiencing symptoms and need relief.  


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