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Head to Telluride this weekend at the Telluride Yoga Festival! 

June 27-30, 2019 

Enter code COYOGA and save 10% on all 3 and 4 day passes! 

Experience an unforgettable weekend of connection and inspiration at the 12th annual Telluride Yoga Festival nestled in downtown Telluride, this June 27-30, 2019.Pick from over 150 classes featuring yoga, meditation, live music, hiking, wellness workshops, evening social and dinner gatherings, SUP yoga, AiReal Yoga, a free Kids Zone and more. 

Here are Gina Caputos top three reasons why she things the Telluride Yoga Festival is so special:  

  • Location, location, location. Ive said it before. Theres just NOWHERE LIKE TELLURIDE. The quaint and historic downtown, the breathtaking scenery, and the community and vibe of a real mountain town are incomparable. If I had a dollar for every Front-ranger Ive met that says Yeah, Ive heard its amazing but Ive never been there, I could retire to Telluride right now! Maybe it feels far away but its remoteness lends to its unsurpassed glory. 
  • The owners, Erika Henschel and Albert Roer are committed to curating an exceptional yoga and wellness experience for attendees that requires them to do a lot of asking, listening and evolving. They stay true to their values but remain open to possibilities. And each year, the festival meets us right where we are, feeds our curiosity and supports our growth as humans. In addition to exceptional yoga classes, the festival is full of opportunities to expand your horizons off the mat. Want to climb the via ferrata? Try SUP yoga?  Meditate in an aspen grove?  Practice overlooking the San Sophia Mountains at sunset?  Listen to some incredible music? It’s all on the docket for the weekend. 
  • The Telluride Yoga Festival is less interested in yoga influencers and more interested in seasoned, multi-faceted yoga teachers. Each year you can expect to find experienced teachers from many different lineages with different expertise, passions and points of view. This diversity helps students broaden and deepen both their understanding of yoga as well as their own practice of it.” 

READ MORE from Gina Caputo with her Lets Ride to Telluridearticle.  

Check out some amazing teachers including: MC YOGI, Gina Caputo, Amy Ippoliti, Beryl Bender Birch, Ashleigh Sergeant, Kia Miller, Tommy Rosen, Scott Blossom, Tymi Howard, Eion Finn and many more. Visit www.tellurideyogafestival.com to learn more and purchase your pass 

Enter code COYOGA and save 10% on all 3 and 4 day passes!    


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