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It only takes two trips to an airport for flying to completely lose its brilliance. The magic of soaring through the air at 35,000 feet as a kid is lost on the stiff-jointed adult battling a time crunch and poor circulation.

Practicing self-care through the stress of air travel can be challenging, but there is no more essential place to do so than in the pressurized cabin of a 787. From the chaos of TSA lines to the inevitable dehydration, bland snacks and cramped spaces, this necessary unpleasantness can set the tone for the rest of your travel plans if you let it.

Focus on your wellness by preparing the ultimate Airline Survival Kit, complete with everything from the best locally made snacks to the top rejuvenating skin care products and sleep-friendly gear.

A better alternative to peanuts: Sejoyia Coco-Thins

How about a snack that won’t dehydrate you, will satisfy your cravings and isn’t mixed nuts? Colorado-native brand Sejoyia promises all of that and more with their line of coco-thins and coco-roons. These snackable cashew cookies are made with only six certified-organic ingredients: coconut, coconut sugar, cashews, cocoa powder, cassava flour and sea salt. A serving size of the Chocolate Coco-Thins promises eight cookies, with only 15 grams of carbs and 150 calories. Certified paleo, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and keto-friendly, consider these your new favorite guilt-free indulgence.

For feeling clean and refreshed: Spinster Sister Travel Skin Care line

Finding a skincare brand that is both TSA-friendly and kind to your body is surprisingly difficult. Trusting that the brand will align with your values in sustainability can be even harder. Skip the stress and put your trust in the Spinster Sisters Co., based out of the front range of Colorado. Seventeen separate products make up their travel line, but as far as the essentials go, stock your bag with the extra heavenly 2 oz. body butter, hand sanitizer and rose petal face toner. For once in your life, you just may deplane without that airplane funk.

Managing the right temperature: Chill Angel Lounger Crop Pants

The second lowest natural temperature ever recorded was -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit in a remote region of Antarctica. The first lowest, in your airplane seat. We’re not completely sure where that arctic blast is coming from, especially since you’ve triple-checked that your air vent is closed, so you might as well just stay prepared. Chill Angel, founded in Steamboat Springs, is the first luxury sleepwear brand to utilize merino wool for its temperature balancing properties. The 100-percent merino wool products can reliably keep you warm from wheels-up to wheels-down. The black and gold lounger crop pants may seem like pajamas, but they are totally airline safe. Versatile, anti-bacterial and extra cozy, you can wear them on the flight or stuff them in your bag for emergency naps. Be on the lookout for a Chill Angel cardigan to complete the set, rumored to be coming out in future months.

To actually nab a wink of sleep: Therm-a-Rest Trekker Pillowcase

The travel-ready pillow market is saturated with itchy, bulky things that make weird squeaking noises. We want a pillow, not a pool float! The Therm-a-Rest Trekker pillowcase is the primo way to handle comfort yourself. Its lightweight, ultra soft and can fold down to fit in your back pocket. Simply tuck some spare clothes inside the polyester pouch and you’re ready to snooze. The more you add, the firmer the pillow.

To push through the jet lag: Voila Instant Coffee

Syncing your sleep schedule to the proper time zone can become a weeklong affair if you don’t take proper measures from the get-go. In the best scenario, your effort will only require some sleepy time tea on a redeye. But more often than not, you’ll need some well-timed caffeine too. You can trust that the coffee served on the plane will probably not taste very great, so pack your own instead. Oregon based company Voila serves up specialty instant coffee in a tiny, pocket sized cigarette box. They’ve managed to package the experience of a coffee shop, with all of your favorite flavors in mind. From fruity blondes to rich dark roasts, you can select exactly what type of coffee you prefer. All you’ll need is a cup of hot water from your favorite stewardess.

Survive the dreaded TSA line: Teva Ember Moc

Nothing puts a damper on wanderlust quite like a long-winding TSA line. And nothing feels more gross than placing your bare feet on the damp carpet where thousands of other people have walked. “Part sneaker, part sleeping bag,” the Teva Ember Mocs are everything. Perhaps not the most fashion forward of choices but definitely the most comfortable, these slippers are perfect for a camping or backpacking trip, and even more ideal to keep your toes warm and dry pre-flight. They slip on and off incredibly easy, and when paired with your favorite merino wool sock, make TSA lines a breeze.

For guaranteed entertainment: The words of your favorite blogger

A 3+ hour flight can serve as the perfect time to catch up on all the recent work of your favorite journalist or blogger. Before your flight, check to see if they’ve published a new compilation. We devoured Brendan Leonard’s “Funny Shit in the Woods and Other Stories,” which highlights some of the best of his blog, Known for his quick wit, candity and too-relatable comics, any outdoor lover can get on board with his introspective narrative.

To keep it all in: Cotopaxi Bataan Fanny Pack

But, what if I already have a list of carry-on essentials that I’m not willing to forego? Sounds like you’ll need an extra bag. Go hands-free with your new favorite 3L fanny pack, made by Utah-based Cotopaxi. The versatility of a sustainably-made, extra durable, vibrant fanny makes this a staple for any travel trip, whether on road or in air. Shove all your new goodies on your hip and feel confident about supporting a brand with the initiative to care.


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