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Partner Profile : Asivana Yoga Company

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Asivana Yoga provides sustainable yoga products such as cork yoga mats, yoga props and accessories. The company aims to promote personal growth, connection and shared experiences within the yoga community with products made for yogis, by yogis.

“At Asivana, our mantra is simple: unleash your inner hero. We believe in the transformative power of yoga, and our goal is to inspire and uplift yogis, helping them discover their inner strength and sense of unity with the world,” says Jack Utermoehl, Asivana Yoga Company founder.

Upon returning from traveling in India, Utermoehl created the Flux cork yoga mat to meet yogis’ diverse physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. This mat helps you feel empowered in every pose. The breathable, non-grip technology ensures you’ll get the most out of your yoga practice. Plus, it’s anti-microbial, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly so you can rest assured knowing your mat is clean for you and the environment.

“Asivana is unique in its blend of personal growth, sustainability and community. We offer high-quality, sustainable yoga products such as our Flux cork yoga mat, designed to support your practice and reflect our dedication to the environment,” Utermoehl shares. “Beyond products, we are cultivating a supportive network of yogis bound together by shared experiences and a collective commitment to positive transformation.”

Experiencing Asivana means stepping into a world that aligns with your values. Asivana Yoga products enhance your practice by bringing the best out of you. The growing supportive community offers a space for connection, growth and shared experiences. With Asivana, you’re not just practicing yoga — you’re discovering your inherent strength and unity with the world.

Embrace your yoga journey and awaken your inner hero with Asivana Yoga Company.

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