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Firefly Community provides multi-faceted health and wellness services to individuals, groups and corporations in the areas of nutrition, stress management, yoga, mindfulness and overall well-being. Firefly also leads and coordinates transformational retreats around the world.

Firefly Community was born from the wake-up call that founder Carrie Lehtonen experienced at 31 years old when she survived a heart attack. At the time, Lehtonen was climbing the corporate ladder, and even though she was in good physical shape as a triathlete, she felt disconnected from herself, stressed out and unsure of what she really wanted in life. Her near-death experience sent Lehtonen on a long journey that included education in nutrition and life-coaching methods to become a holistic health practitioner and training to become a yoga teacher.

Lehtonen shares the tools and resources that she has gathered to better connect to self, others, nature and food. Lehtonen wants clients to have fun, be healthy, feel fulfilled in all areas of life and to be passionate about their work and play.

Firefly does not promote fads or diets, but rather addresses all the things that nourish you and affect your overall well-being: the work that you do, the food that you eat, your relationships, your level of activity and your mindset. Through intentionally designed events and programs to help you create long-term, sustained lifestyle improvements, Firefly serves the busy professional who is ready to take back control of their life and health.

“We operate on the premise that you don’t need to be fixed — the answers are already within you. You can start taking action today towards lifelong improvements in your health and happiness,” says Lehtonen

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Located in Colorado, Firefly provides holistic wellness coaching and consulting, yoga classes and retreats, and workshops in nutrition, stress management and mindfulness.


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