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High Country Healing is a valued Annual Partner with YOGA + Life® Magazines.

High Country Healing is committed to employing the most educated and up-to-date budtenders in the business. They work to ensure that every guest who comes through their doors leaves with a well-rounded and in-depth knowledge of the cannabis plant and how it can help them in their day-to-day lives. Cannabis is their greatest passion and obsession, but it is their relationship with their customers that really keeps them going.

When they built the store in 2015, they sought to create an upscale destination where people would not feel as if they were going into an uncomfortable “drug” store. The “showgrow” is a full garden of cannabis grown behind glass in the store to transparently show how they grow and trim their organic cannabis by hand.

“We focus on working with each customer individually to help them find the product(s) that will best suit their needs. High Country Healing’s main priority is to help improve the quality of every person’s life who walks through the door. Whether we help with sleep assistance, the pain of an old injury or ease the suffering of an aging pet; we are here to listen and guide each guest to accomplish their individual goals,” explains Kristin Comerford, managing member of HCH.

Available for tourists and locals, they love to share the “showgrow” with guests visiting the valley who have never seen a marijuana plant being grown before, as well as being incredibly appreciative of all of their loyal locals who support them throughout the year and are regulars to their store.

Learn more about HCH:


40801 Highway 6, Suite 5

Avon, CO 81620



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