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Moonlit is a valued Annual Partner with YOGA + Life® Magazines.

Co-founder of MoonLIT app, Allison Janssen, says, “At Moonlit, you will often hear us say, ‘Stay L.I.T.’ For us, this mantra is in invitation, a reminder to remain:

LIBERATED from society’s clock — dancing with the rhythms of nature, feeling our innate connection with the universe as a whole. Realizing that in every moment, we each have the power to manifest the life of our dreams. We each have everything we need, right now.

ILLUMINATED under the Moon — noticing inner shifts of energy as she moves through the 12 signs of the zodiac and her many brilliant phases. Using a growing understanding of the energies available and choosing to respond versus react, thus creating a life full of ceremony.

TRANSFORMED through the inner work — to live by the fact that there is no specific endpoint to growth. Like the Moon herself, we all must show up authentically and bloom, again and again. In every moment, we remain aware, present and understanding of the beautiful unfolding of our lives.

We believe that by ‘Staying L.I.T.,’ we each return home to our innate wholeness and authentic way of being. As such, we fulfill our divine purpose and live a life in service to ourselves and the world at large.”

The Moonlit app and community is truly unique. The internet is chock full of lunar wisdom, but they are the only company offering this kind of information in the accessible form of an app, in an approachable and digestible way.

Tapping into the Moonlit app, users can expect daily inspiration on how to respond best to the Moon’s energy, plus ritual drops every New and Full Moon. All rituals offer a mantra, astrological insight, manifestation and release guidance, a 10-20 minute meditation and an end journal prompt. The rituals can be carried out alone or in tribe with others.

“We love it when our users gather together and use the app to guide their own Moon circles,” Janssen concludes.

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