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Rollga is the better foam roller — a contoured foam roller with a unique, patented design that works better than flat or bumpy foam rollers. Rollga Foam Rollers have been shown to effectively relieve sciatica, back pain, and sacroiliac (SI) joint pain. Rollga Foam Rollers have also been proven to increase flexibility by 22% and reduce muscle soreness by at least 6%.

Rollga’s mission is to help people move better and live well. Our entire body is covered with connective tissue called fascia. Just like anything in our body, connective tissue degenerates and breaks down over time. The degeneration of fascia can be accelerated with repetitive overuse, stress or injury. Rollga is a high-quality foam roller that brings regeneration to damaged tissue by influencing the circulation of oxygen-rich blood flow. Rollga prevents fascia from becoming unhealthy — by restoring your fascia, you restore your mobility.

The grooves in this unique foam roller protect the spine, hips, shins, shoulder blades, IT band and Achilles, while the bumps target and dig into muscles with greater precision, resulting in more effective muscle release.

“Surprisingly effective,” as one user comments. “I have gone through a series of various rollers and balls in an effort to reduce the aches and pains of running. Despite its pedestrian appearance, the Rollga is dramatically more effective than any of my other rollers and balls. The simple addition of valleys/channels focuses the attack on your muscles while sparing your bones and tendons.”

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The BETTER Foam Roller. Rollga is a contoured foam roller with a unique, patented design that works BETTER than flat or bumpy foam rollers.


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