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Thrive Yoga Fruita is a valued Annual Partner with YOGA + Life® Magazines.

The Thrive Yoga Mission: serve their communities through equipping humanity with enriched practices and the tools they need to live meaningful, expressive, joyous lives.

Their studios create opportunities for people to connect with themselves and to the collective. They believe that the world would be a different place if people gave themselves permission to live more authentically.

“Through practice, we can find the strength to freely express our true nature, and by liberating ourselves we give others permission to do the same. Yoga is our passion, and our purpose is to integrate the philosophy and practice of yoga when we are off the mat,” explains the owner of Thrive Yoga Colorado, Brittany Phelps.

The pace of living in America has increased exponentially and the expectations to be a “productive” citizen have become relentlessly demanding. That is why they have structured their studios to be less like fitness facilities and more like wellness sanctuaries.

The healing properties of yoga have existed for over 2,000 years and their mission is to stay true to the roots of traditional practice. Whereas many studios have chosen to infuse yoga with other fitness modalities, they see the value in being different. They are creating a culture and lifestyle around conscious well-being. This shifts the perception of yoga from a luxury part of self-care to a necessary part of mental health, physical wellness and emotional prosperity.

When you practice at a Thrive Studio, it should feel pure, free of distraction and inviting to all. In Thrive classes, teachers aim to be more like facilitators and educators and less like instructors. Students can expect an inner quietude and a teacher/facilitator that will guide the student’s attention inwards.

“We aim to reach all living beings and become a part of their journey from suffering into enlightenment. We welcome all spiritual traditions and we believe that what we offer can benefit any curious mind and anyone seeking true community,” Phelps concludes.

Learn more about the Fruita studio:



138 S. Park Square

Fruita, CO 81521



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