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When you enter TruFusion, you are not just joining a gym; you are joining a community. The TruFusion team believes that fitness is not a shape, size or number, but an elevated state of being. They give students the tools to transform their body, mind and spirit, and their diverse range of classes offers something for everyone, no matter where they are coming from or where they are going.

Recognizing each path is unique but united, humans can achieve so much through the power of movement and breath. TruFusion offers heated and unheated classes in a variety of yoga and fitness styles. Led by elite instructors, their multi-modality range of classes encourages seasoned fitness fanatics, yogis and newcomers to discover new workouts for their wellness routine. Bring diversity to your training and get hooked on the transformational power of movement.

Yoga classes include:

Signature Series (heated), Hot Power Vinyasa (heated), Tru Flow Express (heated), Vin / Yin (heated), Tru Yin (heated), Trigger Point Recovery (heated), Soulful Sunday (heated), Vinyasa (unheated), Beginner Flow (unheated), Traditional Yin (unheated), Himalayan Kriya Flow (unheated), Mediation (unheated).

Fitness classes include:

Pilates (heated), Barre (heated), Bootcamp (heated), Boxing (unheated), Battle Boxing (unheated), HIIT (unheated), Circuit (unheated), Kettlebells (unheated), Sculpt (unheated), Cardio Dance (unheated), TRX (unheated), Cycle (unheated).

TruFusion offers a free first class. To see a full schedule, visit their website:



985 Albion St. #100

Denver, CO


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