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Tula Yoga is a valued Annual Partner with YOGA + Life® Magazines.

Tula Yoga & Wellness was created to make yoga accessible to everyone. Whether you are brand new to yoga or developing your current practice, you will feel at home. The owners of Tula invite you to experience the space as a sanctuary for personal learning, exploration and growth. Most of their offerings approach yoga from a therapeutic perspective making it accessible to all. They work hard to make sure students can take what they learn in classes and weave it into their life.

When people take their classes, they are led by teachers who teach with authenticity, integrity and care. Each class begins with a check in. Students gain ideas and tools to develop personal practices on and off the mat. Students are challenged at Tula in a way that fosters growth and transformation.

Everyone is welcome at Tula. Many come in to develop their practices. A lot of students are people who started in more fitness-based classes, and found they wanted their practice to go deeper and develop their mind, body and spirit connection. 

Learn more about the studio:


99 Snelling Avenue North

St. Paul, MN 55104



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