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As the founder and owner of Yuva Yoga, Maria Jonesmain goal is to be of service to her students and have a positive impact in the lives of those she teaches.

Jonesmain offering is chair yoga. She personally struggles with systemic lupus and associated kidney failure, and deeply understands how impactful an accessible yoga practice can be.

I believe I can truly help others in a similar position to myself, those less able and chronically ill, and help them benefit from the practices of yoga and find ways to manage their condition,” she explains.

Outside of chair yoga, Yuva Yoga offers kids, hatha, adapted, restorative and yin yoga, on top of the studios many education and training programs. Customers should expect to be guided into the practices of yoga with clarity and purpose.

The practices of yoga have helped Jones truly manage her symptoms, but practices go beyond the physical aspects of yoga.

Asana is indeed a tool for managing a chronic condition, but there is so much more to yoga. I would therefore like yoga teachers and practitioners to think beyond the asana and seek to know their students and connect with them in order to deliver practices that are effective, in order to be of service and have a positive impact in the lives of those they teach,” Jones says.

While the studio is based in the UK, virtual yoga classes are available on their website.

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3 East Craigbank Drive

Aberdeen, AB15 9EH

Scotland, UK

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