Teacher Training Spotlight : 200-Hour Avita Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Loft Boulder

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Yoga Loft Boulder: 200-Hour Avita Yoga Teacher Training

“I will teach this into my 90s, even my 100s.”

~Jeff Bailey, owner of Yoga Loft

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

A series of three-day weekends from August 23 – December 9, 2019

What is Avita Yoga?

Rid the limits to your potential within your body and mind through Avita Yoga, starting this August and into the fall season. The fresh and new approach to yoga is considered a moving meditation, in which active and passive postures cue muscles to access not only your joints and bones, but your nervous system and ultimately your mind. With roughly 80 percent of the yoga being done on the floor, this practice allows for an inviting, accessible and deeply therapeutic experience. This form of yoga allows students to create a space to learn a practice that can provide them with peace of mind and freedom of their body. 

Leading the training is Yoga Loft owner, Jeff Bailey. With over 30 years of experience, his passion for Avita Yoga is unmatched. “It’s my dharma. It’s my life’s work, everything I have done in my life has led to this moment, this practice,” he says.  

Engulf yourself in a practice where the goal is to leave you feeling happy, healthy and free. 

What are the benefits of Avita Yoga?

Avita Yoga is a practice that invites predictable results. Simply by looking at one’s body type, you can anticipate, within a couple of months, the type of results that person will experience. Much of the work is done on the floor, as standing postures are often times premature and limit true growth. Through this approach, students are not held to the expectation of having to “perform.” The practice is purely experiential and differs from person to person. There is no pressure to perfect a posture or grow at the same rate as other students. Through this training, you can expect to be able to tap into the mind to find tranquility, be guided into the body, discover deeper awareness and acknowledge and diminish acute pain or chronic injuries. The benefits of these unfailing results are what make this practice lifelong and beyond fulfilling for both students and teachers. 

Who Avita Yoga for?

This practice and training is for anyone and everyone who still feels that there is still so much to learn; it is for those who are willing to readjust their approach to yoga and become more in tune with their body and mind. It is for all ages, body types and yogis — whether it be your first teacher training experience or your sixth. The more you know about yoga, the more you will have to challenge yourself to unlearn and readjust. Those who have less yoga experience have the advantage of the beginner’s mind, where the less you know the better you are at learning this new form of meditation. 

As Jeff expresses: “it’s never about attaining the shape. That gives everybody the permission to just be in their body and take a radically different approach to it.” 

Due to this mindset, truly anyone can experience the benefits of Avita Yoga and understand the theory, physiology and practical anatomy in order to become a better student. One does not have to go into the training with the intention of being a teacher, but rather with the mindset that one will always be a student, always evolving and growing. 

Tuition and Dates:

The 200 hour teacher training costs $3,500 and will occur over a series of three-day weekends from August 23 – December 9, 2019. During this time, you will be able to attend unlimited, free, yoga classes at Yoga Loft.

Hour Breakdown:

  • 130 hours of classroom time
  • 50 hours of online practice
  • 20 hours of at home study

Payment Options:

  • Pay in full ($500 deposit with registration)
  • Installment plan (6 monthly payments of $500)

For more information and to save your spot, visit www.yogaloftboulder.com


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