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The Rest is Still Unwritten : Imagine a World Where Women Are Rested | By Brooke Leavitt

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Imagine yourself sitting comfortably at a rustic dinner table. A warm wind caresses your skin. The slowly setting sun reflecting off the ocean warms your cheeks. Your attention is open. Soft.

You notice the natural sounds of the jungle, which surrounds you on three sides. The ocean claims the other. She is stunning. Powerful. Ever-changing.

Just like you.

To find yourself in such a place — not with your family or even members of your inner circle but with new acquaintances — elicits a gentle inquiry in your mind. How did you come to be in this place? To be with these incredible women? To be immersed in deep rest that doesn’t look like sipping fruity cocktails or reading cheap romance novels by the beach?

To be surrounded by exceptional people, not unlike yourself. Each remarkable in their own way. All with deep expertise in their chosen field. Successful in their own right, as you are. Bright. Loving. Deeply caring. Intuitive at times. Analytical at others. A mixture of the most spectacular qualities.

Each drawn to a small village in Panama to embark on a journey of self-study, svadhyaya. To question the cultural constraints willingly and unwillingly placed upon us. To investigate the have to’s, ought to’s, shoulds and coulds of the lives we have chosen to lead. To get clear on what, precisely, we should be doing with our lives.

To have arrived here means you understand the value of learning. Of exploring. Of taking the path, perhaps, less traveled.

It means you know, deep in your bones, that something isn’t quite right. That life shouldn’t feel like this. It doesn’t need to be this hard. This complex. This painful.

To have arrived here means you recognize the lack of true peace in your life. No matter how many times you roll out your mat and move through a powerful yoga practice. No matter how many walks you find yourself on or loving cuddle sessions with your beloveds, you still find yourself wanting more. More peace. More connection. More purpose.

Something is missing.

It is too hard. You are beyond tired at the end of each day. Exhausted, even. You’ve optimized as much as you can in your one precious life, and yet, things are still not satisfying. Every accolade you collect only seems to create a desire for more. For more recognition. More compensation. More prestige. More power.

This is what hustle culture is all about. It creates a feeling of lack in our lives. In lives that are quite full. In individuals that do not need to carry around such a heavy, pervasive, grating feeling. That do not need to question if they are good enough. Smart enough. Capable enough.

You are! You are more than enough. Valuable beyond measure. You do not need to change a single thing about yourself to be more worthy.

The feeling of missing something is a direct result of hustle culture. We’ve been playing a game that, arguably, no one can win. Even those we look to from a distance and think are doing better than us are not. They are just paying a different price. Hustle culture doesn’t create winners. It creates dis-ease. It creates pain. Suffering.

Which is why you find yourself seated at a rustic dinner table in a small Panamanian village. Amongst other exceptional individuals. All seeking to create a world where the women are both peaceful and prosperous. Who don’t subscribe to hustle culture. Who are willing to leave the glass ceiling precisely where it is and break through to a parallel universe. Here, we are content. Here, we know our inherent value. We do not beg to be heard, seen, or understood. We are rested. Powerful.

A shining example of what is not only possible but probable in this world if we do not subscribe to false ideals. False ideals placed upon our strong shoulders by hustle culture. We do not have to carry these burdens. We can set them down. We do not need to fix the entire system to create ease in our lives and the lives of those we love.

We do, however, need to think a bit differently. Take bold action. Hold ourselves accountable.

In our signature program, Rewild Your Life, the 10 nights we spend together in Panama is just the beginning. A launching pad. It establishes a foundation. You’ll leave feeling more rested and inspired than you have in years. Along the way you’ll gracefully slip into the next chapter of your life. One filled with ease, peace and prosperity.

Photo by Evgeniy Osipov.

Brooke Leavitt

Writer + Burnout Coach

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