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A weekend in Ouray, Colorado, on the “Adventure to Connection” retreat offered exquisite views of the San Juan Mountains, time to reflect, yoga, new friends and delicious meals. I knew the retreat would be full with adventure but lush with mindfulness and peace. I also knew the weekend would be a perfect opportunity to test out some gear, beginning with BRANWYN active underwear.

We woke up at 4:30 a.m. the first Saturday of August to climb Mount Sneffels, released in an hour yin yoga class after and watched the sun’s descent around a crackling fire. Only when it was a starry sky did I finally shower. I can confidently say BRANWYN underwear is the perfect all-day pair fit for the adventurous Colorado yogi.

I’ve worn BRANWYN’s black thong to yoga classes and throughout a typical work day, but saw the opportunity of testing it out at the retreat to be the ultimate test — and it passed with flying colors. Composed of merino wool, it stays put, is light-weight, breathable and ultra-comfortable.

My favorite part: this October BRANWYN is offering their nude shades in three different colors. It feels good wearing this intimate layer knowing the makers value inclusivity and woman-power. Plus, they are fully committed to operating in an ethical and sustainable way. Learn more about their mission here.

The price ranges from $28 – $30 depending on style. I believe every woman should own at least one pair of quality underwear that promotes an active lifestyle.

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