IMBODHI Hana Jumpsuit 2.0

Try It On : IMBODHI Hana Jumpsuit 2.0 | By Kristen Grace

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Summer is my favorite season, and I’m always looking for the perfect warm-weather outfit to enjoy it to the fullest. The Ayurvedic season known as Pitta strikes with heat, long days, bright sun and growth. When I get ready to celebrate summer — marked by the summer solstice on June 21 — I look for a versatile, stylish outfit that lets me move all day long, keeps me cool and feels authentic. My search for a summer essential outfit ended when I found IMBŌDHI.

The Hana Jumpsuit 2.0 is the quintessential summer fit. Pictured in this article in the shade Ribbed Indigo, the jumpsuit comes in three other colors, all of which scream summer — Ribbed Moss, Ribbed Redwood and Ribbed Black.

The new and improved Hana Jumpsuit boasts all the favorite elements from the original design — like the compressive bodice, high-waisted cullotes pant and deep pockets — plus some new aesthetic and functional alterations. The new design is a little roomier and longer to drape comfortably on every body (and with sizes ranging from XS — 3X you are sure to find the most comfortable fit).

The Hana Jumpsuit adapts to any occasion. To celebrate the summer solstice approaching, I spent a Sunday morning at the local growers’ market where I dressed up my jumpsuit with a cardigan and accented it with gold jewelry. Then, I switched my Sanuk Cosmic Yoga Mat Sandals for my Sanuk Cosmic Waves H2O Sandals, threw my hair in a baseball cap and set off for a walk by the river and a picnic.


Even on an 80-degree desert day, the Hana Jumpsuit kept me cool and comfortable (thanks to the sustainably produced, plastic free, plant-based beach-wood fiber material). Later, I put my hair up and rolled out my yoga mat for a quick summer yoga sesh. I felt supported through my flow and the Hana didn’t limit my range of motion.

My favorite thing about the Hana Jumpsuit 2.0 is how authentic it feels on my body. As a taller girl with a long torso and long legs, I often find that one-piece outfits such as this jumpsuit are far too short for me and sit uncomfortably on my body. The Hana, however, is spacious and hugs my body in all the right places. The super-soft and stretchy Hana feels like an extension of myself, allowing me to live, move and soak in the summer fully embodied. Plus, I don’t have to worry about whether or not I can do my favorite things; I can easily and elegantly wear my jumpsuit to the market, brunch or cocktails, and just as surely count on my Hana in a more casual or active environment.

Check out the all-new Hana Jumpsuit 2.0, and IMBODHI’s other awesome styles for summer, at


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