Try It On : Patagonia PowSlayer Ski/Snowboard Pants | By Bobby L’Heureux

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It’s been a challenge for me to find the perfect on-snow pant, but Patagonia’s PowSlayer finally has all the features I’ve been wanting. These pants solved my overheating problems on uphill ascents and they also proved to be great for downhill days both on-piste and in deep snow.

I’ve been a snowboarder for two decades and started skiing a few years back. Recently I have been in love with the challenge of “earning my turns” by skinning uphill before skiing down, but I’ve battled constantly with overheating and regulating my temperature, trying multiple underlayers and options to keep cool and dry(ish) on the way up. Nothing seemed to work other than changing everything at the top of the ascent. After testing the PowSlayer Pant skinning into a hut, going up a peak for some backcountry turns, and resort skiing on a super cold day, I have found my solution.

The PowSlayer Pants are designed to be lightweight and packable for backcountry adventures. The minimalist design makes it easy to move up and down the mountain without sacrificing water and wind protection and they still maintain breathability. The side zips are amazing for heat ventilation, and on those cold mountain days I have found that a thicker underlayer works perfectly. They aren’t bulky yet still provide ultimate protection and versatility.

I was worried that the PowSlayer Pants might be too thin to handle a run in with trees, but the durable three-layer recycled GORE-TEX® is designed to take a beating. After a couple tree runs and a few scrapes the pants showed no signs of destress from branches and such. I also like the grown-on belts loops. They create a low-profile fit for my rubber belt — it almost felt like I was not even wearing one.

For me the PowSlayer is the one pant I need in my snow sport arsenal to do it all.

Bobby L’Heureux is the co-owner and Director of Partnerships for CO YOGA + Life™ Magazine. At the heart of his work, Bobby thrives on community and connection. He lives in the Vail Valley where he teaches yoga and runs Big Heart Big Hands, a non-profit that supports mountain safety and awareness. He is an ambassador for Lululemon Athletica Vail, and his yoga classes are always led with a big smile and a relaxed demeanor.

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