Try It On : Royal Robbins Switchform Lite Parka | By Lexi Reich

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As the natural landscape shifts from green to shades of orange, red and brown, temperatures drop and autumn appears upon us. In a season as versatile as fall, it’s essential our outerwear can follow suit. Royal Robbins has perfected the art of the jacket with their Switchform Lite Parka. Water-resistant and windproof, this jacket is fit for all walks of weather.

And, it’s not just a jacket. The most unique feature of this product is that it switches into a handy tote bag. The transition takes less than a minute and is perfect if the day turns sunny and you no longer need the outer layer. The Switchform Lite Parka is the ultimate travel companion for just this feature alone.

The body of the jacket cinches at the waist for a flattering style, and the hood adjusts for security and comfort. The extended length is the perfect fit for fall leggings and boots. It’s highly breathable and has performance stretch, making it comfortable in light rain to a windstorm.

Royal Robbins is built on sustainability — doing things the right way for the people and the planet. They focus on sustainable materials, ethical production and meaningful partnerships. They have committed to an industry-wide target of 30 percent greenhouse gas emissions reductions by 2030.

The jacket comes in maroon, black and green; it’s sold from XS to XL. $140 


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