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The OM Collection is a Boulder-based fashion and lifestyle consulting brand that weaves mindfulness and vibrancy into its clothing and those who wear it. Founder Katie Armstrong birthed the project in Bali, Indonesia, and since then The OM Collection has created timeless pieces that are sustainably made, empowering their clients to make more informed decisions in all aspects of their lives.


If you value preserving natural resources and traditional cultures, you’ll admire The OM Collection’s devotion to remaining actively involved in every step of the production chain to uphold this shared value. 

All pieces are made with high quality textiles and are created to transcend fast fashion. Meaning, when you buy an item from The OM Collection, it will stick with you through your post-yoga class errands now to many, many years beyond. 


Some pieces on the site are made to order and can take up to 2 weeks to ship. But if you plan accordingly, it’s well worth the wait. 


The Weave Back Bra is incredibly detailed and versatile. Thanks to the talent of Balinese artisans, this bra works as a hot yoga companion, swim-suit replacement, bralette for your everyday outfits — the options are endless. I wore my rose colored version of this bra with an open back tank top and received many compliments on its design.  

The Lush Leggings in the grey psychedelic print (pictured in the featured photo) are trendy. I wore mine while traveling and was impressed with the durability of the material. They were extremely comfortable and adjusted to the different climates I was bouncing to and from, plus the airports in between. I prefer higher-wasted leggings for my yoga practice, but absolutely love sporting these leggings as casual wear.


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