wama organic hemp underwear

Try It On : WAMA Organic Cotton + Hemp Underwear | Reviewed by Kristen Grace

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WAMA organic cotton and hemp underwear is underwear that is good for you and for the planet.

wama organic hemp underwear

WAMA Organic Hemp and Cotton Bikini Underwear — Photos courtesy of WAMA.

When I learned what kinds of materials most underwear is made of, and how it doesn’t promote my health, I was concerned. Luckily, brands like WAMA are making options like hemp underwear accessible.

Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial and has anti-odor properties. Plus, it’s comfortable and breathable. For these reasons, I find that WAMA hemp underwear are my go-to for activities such as yoga, hiking and working out (specifically the thong style).

The band around the waist is a bit tight — but if you prefer a snugger fit you may enjoy how the underwear hug around your waist. However, this is why I don’t often reach for WAMA underwear when I’m lounging. I do find, though, that the bikini underwear are the most comfortable option on my period. These hemp underwear come in a variety of cute colors, and you can get the matching sports bra or bralette.

As a yogi, I like knowing that the brands I support are ethical in their treatment of the earth, animals and humans, and this brand fits those standards. Vegan, PETA certified, Green America certified and transparent in their practices, I wear WAMA because I know they not only prioritize my health, but the health of the environment.

The materials we wear affect our health in more ways than one; the type of underwear you wear might be causing your chronic yeast infections, contributing to discomfort or causing a variety of health issues.

Our underwear get up-close and personal with our biggest organ — our skin — and our reproductive organs, so it’s important to know that what they’re made of is benefiting us. With WAMA, you can rest assured that the sustainably sourced cotton and hemp will promote your wellbeing.

Purchase your hemp underwear from WAMA here.


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