Try It Out : Athletic Greens | By Bobby L’Heureux


Being self-employed and highly active, there are days when my diet is not optimal. Each day presents a different athletic and mental challenge. An ever-changing schedule has made it more important to focus on my nutrition as much as my work and adventures to make sure I am performing at my best in all realms of life.

Over the past 30 days, I added Athletic Greens to my morning routine to help support my nutrition. With 75 vitamins, minerals, whole food sourced ingredients and probiotics that focus on immunity, energy, digestion and recovery, Athletic Greens seemed like a perfect supplement for my lifestyle.

Athletics Greens provides so much in one simple scoop that I no longer need five different supplements in my morning shake to get the same results. I dont have any of the dietary restrictions many of my family and friends do. Athletic Greens is gluten free, dairy free, nut free, egg free and has no added sugar. Containing only 2 grams of protein per serving, I chose to mix in a scoop of vanilla protein it is a great combination with the bright and fruity taste of Athletic Greens.

Normally my wife and I are on the road for work. We keep a really clean and healthy diet even then. The majority of the time I struggle to keep up with my caloric intake. This effects my energy and mood as well as my sleep. I have turned to sweets for quick boosts of energy and some extra calories. Over the past month my sugar cravings have subsided. My energy level stays even throughout the day without the spikes and midday slumps. Athletic Greens also comes in individual servings so it will be super easy to keep up with my nutrition when I am on the road again.

Athletic Greens makes is easy to keep up with your supply through a monthly subscription that comes with savings on the pouch and travel packs.

The Pouch – $97 ($77 with subscription)

Travel Packs – $107 ($87 with subscription)


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