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Owning a weighted blanket may be the best decision I’ve made this season. Also known as an “anxiety blanket,” this genius product molds to your body like a gentle, warm hug. The blanket applies soft pressure to the body, offering calming support throughout the night. It is a concept that has been used in the special needs community for decades, but has recently gained popularity especially for those with insomnia or anxiety, and is also commonly received as a holiday gift.

The hype is well-deserved.

I’m a self-proclaimed toss-and-turner, and weighted blankets keep me still and secure, making dozing off easy and luxurious. When your body is still, it’s easier for your mind to follow suit.

My Baloo Blanket lulls me into the deepest of sleeps, and has been especially appreciated during Colorado’s snowy autumn season. It’s cozy and warm; but it’s also usable for warmer months, given the breathable premium cotton it’s made out of. The Baloo Blanket is ecofriendly, composed of lead-free glass microbeads and Oeko-Tex 100 certified chemical-free materials, promoting a natural and harmonizing sleep experience.

According to Baloo’s website, weighted blankets are proven to encourage the body’s neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which stimulate melatonin. It says, “The response is an all-natural, calming effect which soothes the nervous system and supports deeper, sounder sleep.”

I still have a regular comforter on my bed, but fold my weighted blanket at the edge of the mattress so I can slide it over myself whenever needed (which is multiple times a week). We all know the feeling of being hugged and held by a loved one, and weighted blankets really offer a comparable sensation.

15- or 20-pound blanket – $169


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