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The yoga towels Slowtide have changed the way I flow on my mat.

Slowtide is a towel brand that “elevates a daily essential into a functional piece of art” with yoga towels to inspire your practice. Whether you choose the Red Rock or Haven towel, both have their own two-sided print, embracing the artistic quality of this product.

Made from 100 percent recycled material, Slowtide values using sustainable material to create their products. So, you can feel good and look good while using it.

Yoga towels are perfect for hot yoga classes because it absorbs sweat, protecting your mat from bacteria and also keeping it clean and dry. Plus, they are super easy to throw in the wash afterwards.

These towels also help prevent the risk of slipping as you flow. If you’re into the sweaty yoga scene, I’d recommend adding a towel to your practice — it has helped me hold poses for longer without having to readjust my stance or stopping to clear the sweat from my mat. It also adds a plush softness to your yoga space which I adore for grounding poses. Now that I’ve used it, I don’t see myself going back to class without it.

If you’re interested in switching up your yoga mat for artistic reasons, I also recommend throwing a yoga towel over top to easily transform the aesthetic of your space. Specifically, Slowtide’s intricate designs are perfect if you’re looking to spice things up.

Lastly, yoga towels may be your new favorite travel companion. Easily compactable, I’ve used yoga towels between twin beds in hostels when my mat wasn’t accessible — and it was a life-saver. They’re really helpful for yoga-on-the-go.

The Slowtide Yoga Towels are 24″ x 72″ (the size of a typical yoga mat) and retail for $59.95.


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