Wellness Spotlight : Use Onus iV Bar to Enhance Your Immunity This Season

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Intravenous therapy, or IV therapy, has grown exponentially across the nation. The concept is simple: deliver fluid and vitamins straight to the veins for the fastest results. But not every IV treatment is made equally, which is why Onus iV Bar is dedicated to helping people with busy lifestyles get rehydrated and cared for in a safe manner.

Onus iV has locations in Denver, Boulder and Greenwood Village, Colorado. Their fourth location in Wheat Ridge/Golden is opening at the end of October 2020. The company only hires nurses and advanced paramedics to administer the IV. A hydration therapy session at Onus iV involves a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals infused directly into the bloodstream and a comfortable space to sit back and relax in.

YOGA + Life connected with Onus iV to learn more about the benefits of hydration therapy and how it can benefit one’s wellness routine this season.

Why do you think IV Therapy is a growing trend in Colorado?

IV therapy has grown both in Colorado and across the nation for many reasons. With our busy lifestyles, it’s easy to get dehydrated and to fall behind on our self-care, especially when we are struggling with cold or flu, fatigue or other stressors. In Colorado in particular, with our high altitude, dry environment, as well as an active lifestyle, the benefits can be very tangible.

“I’ve now received three IVs by the awesome folk at Onus, and each time I walk out of their office feeling like The Hulk. I’ve used their service both to fight off soul-crushing hangovers as well as to tune my meat machine up for important athletic endeavors (like a four-month backpacking trip). Works wonders for both. Highly recommended.” ~ Zach Davis

What are some of its benefits?

IV therapy has been around since the 1950s, starting first with the Myers Cocktail, designed to mitigate the effects of migraines, fatigue, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, cardiovascular disease and dehydration, among other disorders.

Getting a liter of saline via IV is the equivalent of drinking two gallons of water, but with much better absorption and less GI distress. As saline retains the same osmolarity as the plasma in our cells, it also allows for almost 100-percent bioavailability, delivering vitamins and hydration on a system-wide cellular level.

How might it enhance one’s wellness routine?

You’re working harder than ever, trying to mitigate personal tasks with family needs, business/financial stressors and somewhere in between, trying to make it to your yoga mat for a mental escape. IV drips need about half an hour to an hour for a complete infusion. Our hope is to provide a jumping off point for our clients to take the Onus on themselves to make the next great choice for their health. One good decision leads to another, we’re here to help enable that.

What should visitors expect from a session at Onus iV Bar?

A session with Onus iV begins with meeting your nurse or paramedic, discussing how you are feeling and what you hope to achieve before choosing an IV cocktail from the menu. We then take a set of vitals and ask you to fill out a brief medical history before administering the IV. Our vitamin IV cocktails typically take about 45 minutes to an hour, while NAD+ IVs will typically run two to three hours as they have a slower drip rate.

As far as the experience goes, clients can expect a relaxing atmosphere tailored to how they’d like to receive their treatment. Need quiet time? Most of our locations have a private room available to zen out in. Got work to catch up on? Our standard lounge chairs have chargers built right in, with complimentary WiFi to keep you connected.

How are your offerings unique compared to other iV bars in the state?

In addition to an array of vitamin infusions for everything from immunity boosts to athletic preparation or recovery, Onus is one of the few IV bars that offers NAD+, an advanced treatment that has been a hot topic among fitness celebrities such as Joe Rogan and Ben Greenfield. NAD+ is an essential co-enzyme for cellular production of energy and our bodies don’t retain it well as we age. This helps explain why children have boundless reserves of energy while adults are often fatigued! Supplementing our levels of NAD+ can enhance energy levels, help with clarity and mental focus, promote DNA repair and potentially slow the aging process.

Onus is also the only IV bar in the state built upon ER standards and protocols. Our medical director is a board-certified ER physician and we only hire staff with 2-plus years of experience in emergency care. As most of our employees do between 10-30 IV starts in a day, this ensures the highest level of care and that your IV stick will be in the hands of a very experienced practitioner!

Finally, Onus is the only IV clinic with our proprietary B.O.S.S. delivery system. While most IV clinics have a “set it and forget” approach, our unique system is something our clients have come to love and rely on us for when they choose where, how and when they’re looking for an IV drip. It’s a matter of respect for the client’s time, their comfort and the efficiency one would expect when you’re making a sizable investment in your health.

What would you say to someone who is skeptical of iV therapy? Who is iV therapy meant for?

We love skeptics. This is an exciting paradigm shift, visible in the client’s face when the infusion begins and they say, “Oh yeah, I get it now.” That being said, IV therapy is certainly not for everyone (medical conditions aside, which we screen for). If you are needle-averse, this probably won’t be your cup of tea (though this is simpler than giving blood). However, if you are an athlete that puts stress on your body, a busy mom trying to keep up with an active family, a business traveler often exposed to stress and toxins on long haul flights, or anyone who could use an additional boost, then IV therapy could be a great option for you!

What COVID-19 updates should readers be aware of?

Onus iV benefits from being grounded in ER protocols since inception, something many of our competitors can’t attest to. Our standard cleaning protocols are in compliance with all state-wide COVID regulations and we continue to monitor the situation to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. Face masks are required when visiting any of our Colorado locations and we encourage booking an appointment with us to ensure proper social distancing.

At the end of the day, everyone has an internal battle with the person they believe they are, colliding with the realities they see themselves bound within. Our hope is that the first choice you make, to exercise, to eat something healthy, or to try an IV drip with us, leads to the next good choice, one that brings you closer to the vision you have for the best version of the person you know you’re meant to be. You want what we want. We’re here to help you find it!



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