What did YOU do this year??

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The New Year is upon us. How are you feeling?

Some of you may be ready to rock it, but have you cleared the head space yet?

It’s the “out with the old and in with the new” adage, and as the year closes, many of us are eager to dive into with a fresh start – new goals, new ideas and new motivation.

But I want to caution you because without truly seeing where you have been and have a clear understanding of it, moving forward is like jumping back on the same ferris wheel that made you throw up the three previous times you rode it. You know the saying, doing something exactly the same way but expecting different results is the definition of “stupidity”.

So how about we do THIS YEAR right?

Every year I like to do the ‘TIME MAGAZINE‘ highlight of my accomplishments the previous year. Instead of diving right into your new resolutions (or sankalpas), I encourage us all to take the time to reflect and write down our memories of the previous year… and be specific. Don’t skip over anything. Celebrate the music, your work, the competitions, the adventures, the trips, the mini successes along the way, the people you have met, and the “ah-hah” moments you’ve collected. Be grateful for the life-lessons and your growth as a person. Acknowledge and feel peace and gratitude for the time spent with those who have left our lives for one reason or another.

HONOR yourself with your own mini lifetime achievement award.

Now, go back to your list from earlier this year (you know the one you started in January, lost around mid-April and then found again in October). Compare the two. How far off were you really?

Enjoy all of the things you accomplished.

As you approach the New Year, go with a clear head from where you’ve been and why and let’s get on with a newer and shorter, more precise list. Write your intentions with positive choice words. Instead of saying, “I will lose 10 pounds”, state “I will make better food choices daily to support creating positive affects on my weight and overall health.” Be specific. Practice your SMART goal planning both personally and professionally.

But please, never forget this past year. It is from the old “us” that we learn how to be a better version of ourselves. Each thought, choice, and action shapes our future. What you give power to has power over you. Choose wisely.

Happy New Year from my family to yours! I look forward to doing great things with many of you this upcoming year!



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