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Boulder Underground : Top 5 Things To Know As a First-Timer | By Callie Morrocco

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Located just 45 minutes north of Denver, there is a city of all things wellness: Boulder, CO. As you drive along the highway toward Boulder, you’ll catch the most gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains, effortlessly radiant as they sit underneath roughly 360 days of sunshine per year. Once you hit Boulder, you’ll be dazzled by the height and sheer beauty of the Flatirons. You won’t need to worry about missing a minute of this view, as they tower over this city and are able to be seen from the North, South, East and West.

First-timers often find themselves enchanted by this vibrant, health-conscious city. Although small, Boulder has everything to offer.

If you’re visiting for the first time, here are some things to know beforehand:

  1. Local and Organic

Boulder is not only a hub of wellness, spirituality and the outdoors, it’s also home to a rockin’ craft beer, kombucha, and local food scene. With places like The Rayback Collective, you can see how Boulder is proving itself as a trendy spot to have everything you love, all in one place. With kombucha tap rooms like Rowdy Mermaid and Upstart Kombucha, you truly have your pick of some amazing locally-brewed and deliciously organic beverages. As for food, there’s everything for you and your vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy free, and GMO-free friend. The Farmers Markets in Boulder and Longmont are always exciting, busy and gorgeously colorful. Happening at least 3 times per week during the summer months, you can find everything you’re looking for. The whole family can enjoy local food trucks, music, produce, flowers and other sustainable products. As long as you’re looking to eat local and organic, you’re in the right place.

  1. Easy to Maneuver

Boulder is one of the easiest cities to get around in. Alongside nearly every road, you’ll find a bike lane. In addition, the Boulder Creek Path runs all throughout the city giving you a safe and easy way to get where you need to go. Not traveling with your bike? Not a problem! There are a number of ways you can get riding in Boulder. Boulder BCycle lets you purchase a bike to use for short amounts of time: “Ride, Return, Repeat.” If you’re looking for a more permanent way to get around, check out one of the local bike shops! Full Cycle is Boulder’s oldest bike shop. They offer fun, convenient services while also giving you a wide variety of bike renting options. Be sure to check out local bike trails like Bobolink or Marshall Mesa Trailhead for a nature escape right in the heart of Boulder!

  1. More of the Outdoors

Boulder proves itself to be a giant hub of anything and everything related to wellness, especially outdoor sports. Boulderites are nationally recognized as extreme outdoor-enthusiasts. Cycling, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, running, camping, rafting — you name it, they love it. With local trails surrounding the city, like Chautauqua Park and Mount Sanitas, there are so many options to choose from. To paint a solid picture of the Boulder vibe and how much they love the outdoors, check out “Tube to Work Day,” which will be going into its 10th year this summer 2018. Boulderites break out their full suits, helmets and inner tubes in what they call an “aquatic commute” to work.

  1. Wellness and the Outdoors

Outdoor activities aside, Boulder also has a fantastic yoga and mindfulness hub. Housing over 30 yoga, meditation and mindfulness studios spread throughout a 26 square mile radius, Boulder offers yogis and yoginis infinite chances to practice and move. They have a balanced mix of well-known studios like Yoga Pod, and smaller, locally-owned studios like The Little Yoga Studio for you to get your yoga on. In your first few days of exploring and practicing, you’re bound to take a class with a world-renowned instructor and/or guru!

  1. Hanuman Festival

To prove how wellness-oriented and spiritually-focused it is, Boulder also houses one of the largest yoga festivals in the nation! The Hanuman Festival is a 3-day all-encompassing journey of the self, through the self, to the self, designed to nourish your body and remind you of the magic of this life. With live talks from wellness gurus, live music and yoga and meditation classes from world-renowned yoga and meditation teachers, this festival truly brings the Boulder wellness scene alive. At this festival, creativity is expressed, common threads of our world are discovered and community support is given on a local and global level.

* The Hanuman Festival is happening this summer June 14-17, 2018. Purchase your pass and learn more about the festival here! *

Photo Credit: DJ Pierce


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