Colorado Influencers During COVID-19 : Tailwind Nutrition, Durango | By Lexi Reich

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Originally published in the Summer + Fall 2020 issue.

Based out of Durango, Tailwind Nutrition was created to provide optimal fuel, hydration and electrolytes to endurance athletes performing in events like 50-milers, 100-milers, 24-hour and multi-day epics. Co-founder Jeff Vierling was training for the Leadville 100 when he realized the need for optimal absorption and nutritional fuel for athletes. Today, his creation mixes into water and creates a tasty beverage that athletes and outdoorsmen alike rely on.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Jeff and his wife Jenny launched a “Buy One, Donate One” campaign where Tailwind will match each single serving pack purchased and donate both of them to a hospital in need.

“I can’t tell you how many shifts I’ve worked without eating anything due to the high volumes of patients we’ve been seeing,” says Brian of St. Joseph’s Hospital, who thinks Tailwind’s campaign is doing is “a wonderful thing.”

“I think during times like these everyone is looking for a way to contribute in some small way. When we heard from some of our customers who are nurses and doctors how they were using Tailwind’s Endurance Fuel to get through long shifts, we immediately thought we should develop a program to service hospitals nationwide,” says Jenny, Tailwind co-founder.

They’re supporting healthcare workers and patients by offering a complete nutrition source that can be easily and safely consumed throughout 12-plus hour shifts.

To date, Tailwind has donated over 6,500 single servings of Endurance Fuel to doctors and nurses in 45 hospitals across Colorado and beyond.

“It’s been a big lift to the spirits of our team to be able to support health care workers on the front lines,” Jeff shares.

Plus, they lowered their prices for the month of April to make it easier for athletes to train and stay sane in spite of the financial impacts of the pandemic.


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