COVID Conversations : Q&A with Jeff Bailey, Yoga Instructor + Studio Owner | By Lauren Farrauto

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Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, businesses everywhere have closed their doors, some possibly for good. In the search to find out how the Colorado yoga community was fairing, I spoke to five resilient teachers and studio owners that all pivoted to do their best to continue supporting their students. In this new weekly series, we will highlight these owners and their practices, show a little love for Colorado yogis and try to navigate these unprecedented times together.

This week we’re talking to Jeff Bailey, yoga instructor and owner of Yoga Loft Boulder. He is also the founder of Avita Yoga Online — an online video yoga program.

How did coronavirus impact your studio/ practice?

Jeff Bailey: COVID crept in slowly for us and we weren’t initially sure if we would have to shut down the studio. Once we did, we were very lucky that we had already been building up Avita Yoga Online, so we were able to switch our monthly members over to the online platform pretty efficiently. This is a time when yoga is extremely helpful from an emotional and physical standpoint, so I’m glad we are able to provide a helpful outlet for folks.

How did you respond and shift in order to ensure your business continues to thrive?

JB: We started online streaming through Zoom and then transitioned to At the beginning, we streamed from the studio, but switched to teaching from home, and currently we’re back in the studio. We’re now allowed to have up to 20 people into the studio with safe physical distancing. We teach classes to small groups, stream them live and record them to our Replay library so students can have access to the video later, which students appreciate especially if they’re unable to attend a scheduled session.

What are you trying to move towards to accommodate an evolving yoga community?

JB: I’m appreciating the flexibility that online options provide. My goal is to have students rotate through studio classes at least once a week, so that I can see them in their practice. It makes all the difference to have the interaction and see the way they are progressing. It also helps them practice more confidently at home. In a world where yoga is increasingly commoditized, our aim is to constantly create and maintain value for our students. And, it’s not just yoga. This is what many businesses are doing in order to survive and thrive.

How do you see your company changing going forward?

JB: I think the whole yoga community will have to change. When the online platform becomes the studio, you have to compete with the whole world. I just want people to know that I’m happy to help anyone through their yoga journey, as I’ve been practicing and teaching yoga for a long time. I’m here to help.

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