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A proud women-owned and run small business in Northern Minnesota, Boreal Bliss Yoga Retreats creates an inclusive space for yoga enthusiasts to retreat into the wilderness. They specialize in creating opportunities to feel fully engaged with life through immersion in outdoor experiences.

Boreal means “of the north.” The Boreal Bliss team believes north is a state of mind, a place in the heart. They choose to lead somewhat unconventional lives by choosing to call the wild north of Minnesota home. They love inviting women to share in the activities they love — yoga, cross country skiing, snow-shoeing, hiking, portaging canoes, rock climbing, entering the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, open-water swimming and more. Through these activities, they encourage their fellow yoga community to live seasonally in sync, to nurture the natural world around them.

All of the retreats take place in Minnesota’s wilderness. They enjoy seeking out new locations that will create fresh experiences for guests. Boreal’s home base is Deep Portage Learning Center in tiny little Hackensack, MN where they host one to two retreats per year.

“If you’ve ever run a long-distance race or completed a grueling hike, you know the feeling of satisfied exhaustion that follows from both physical exertion and also a day spent outdoors. I think our yogis typically leave our retreats feeling the same way — silly smile plastered on their face, exhausted in the best possible way, proud of what they accomplished and feeling renewed energy to re-enter their own life with intention,” shares co-founders Amanda Imes, Bryana Cook, Joella Miller and Stacy Nightwine.

Their favorite mantra is: As long as I am breathing, I am practicing yoga.

They seek to empower their yoga community to come as they are. They are focused on creating an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity.

They wholeheartedly believe that yoga is for every body. The point of a yoga practice is to adapt to your needs, rather than the other way around. There are so many accessible ways to practice yoga, and they believe in reducing barriers while also highlighting inclusivity and a wide range of possibilities in life.


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