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Partner Profile : FAB FOREVER Yoga + Lifestyle

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FAB FOREVER is a family-owned and operated yoga and lifestyle retailer offering modern yoga products, spiritual jewelry, athleisure, home and wellness products.

The family discovered yoga and noticed how it elevated their lives in unique ways; now, they want to share that experience with others and help them along their own yoga journeys.

“Yoga is for everybody. We want everyone to learn more about yoga through our blog and social media and our products,” says owner Hadassah Galante-Encaoua.

Passionate about sharing the yoga lifestyle, the company is dedicated to offering eco-friendly, original products for yogis at all places on their journey. Their goal is that their products inspire positivity and inner peace.

“At FAB FOREVER Yoga + Lifestyle, we want our customers to experience a transformative journey of positivity and self-expression. Our curated collection of modern spiritual jewelry, athleisure clothing, yoga mats and home and wellness products are designed to help you embrace a positive lifestyle and radiate that positivity back to the world,” Galante-Encaoua shares. The company’s eco-friendly yoga mats serve as a canvas for self-expression during your yoga practice, combining functionality with an edginess style. Their handmade jewelry represents positive attributes which adds a touch of spirituality to your wardrobe. Their range of home and wellness products create a sanctuary of tranquility in your living spaces, bringing om to your home.

Connect with FAB FOREVER on Instagram and Facebook, or learn more and shop at fab-forever.com.

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E-commerce retailer for modern yoga products, spiritual jewelry, athleisure, home + wellness products.



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